Anyone read erotic books

Discussion in 'General' started by finn slice, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. I never have but when I just thought about it honestly I kinda laughed at the thought but now that I think about I know a couple people that have read them. Whats your oppinion on them cause I'm really bored nd I might try reading one.
  2. No. It's just sophisticated porn really haha
  3. I couldn't find any books on asian gaping anal creampies so I am not interested.
  4. Depends on the story. Sometimes I have fun and sometimes I don't.
  5. Unless you like good story to go along with the sex and not be instantly gratified by visuals, I think it's worth a shot. The buildup to the actual sex scene in the book is quite my mind. Although there were times when I just skimmed through a bit to get to the sex depending on my mood and the type of book.
  6. Well Id hate to say this but my best friend told me to read the absolute worst, WORST book ever....50 shades.And I did it.::::shame::::Sent from my iBlown using Grasscity Forum mobile app
    50 shades of BDSM comodified for a mass consumer culture :(
    you're so right
    that book is a heap of shit
  8. [quote name="Twee" post="19277081" timestamp="1388807770"]50 shades of BDSM comodified for a mass consumer culture :(you're so rightthat book is a heap of shit[/quotThe writing and plot was SO terrible and annoying and predictableYet I couldnt stop.HahaSent from my iBlown using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. "Literotica" app, if your into erotic stories.
  10. I'm into erotica is gets my imagination going which leads to a happy cat.
  11. razzle ,. oh wait
  12. I enjoyed the BDSM themed The Marketplace series by Laura Antoniou. Have had a couple of friends say 50 Shades improved sex with their wives.Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. I don't even read regular books. :confused_2:

  14. i should write this shit for a living.. i would be good at it.

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