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Anyone quit for an extended period?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kcannibal, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. What was your experience? I'm talking like 8 months to a year or more. Thanks
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    I have quite for several years many times.  My experience was i didn't get high that's all.  
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  3. currently about 5 months deep, you start to not care about burning after a while its really not that bad and i was a HEAVY smoker before hand, only downside is if you have a bunch of stoner friends, i don't chill with them as much. i just focus on doing my own thing and working toward success in life
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  4. I have 211 days clean and sober and do not miss getting high. I have much more of my brain working and feel great. I quit everything when I decided to stop alcohol.
    For some reason If I were to use any form of weed it would be dabs of hash oil or some hash edibles. :D
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  5. Great news lol
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  6. When I was 18 I quit for a few months. Since then I've quit for 18 hours once. The last 12 hours of that 18 hour period sucked something awful. I won't make that mistake again.
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  7. Haven't smoked in 4 months. Last time I smoked I had an anxiety attack. Haven't had an urge since.
    Well that's boring. 
  9. I had 4 years off it, after a while the thought of weed made me wanna puke.
    Just couldn't imagine going back to that lifestyle again...
    Quit now for good (day 3)
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  10. I haven't smoked in 4 years. Quit so I could join the Marines. But I'm getting in out in 5 days and will be blazing again. 
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  11. Stopped smoking for almost exactly a year around 2011-2012
    First thing I noticed was that when I stopped smoking, I started having the most vivid dreams of all time. I'd have a crazy dream almost every night and I'd be able to remember them enough that I could write them down when I woke up.
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  12. i had to stop smoking weed for 9 months. after that i bought a jordan (2 grams for $30) and to MY standard, the weed i got was pretty shitty...the high i got from smoking a joint with probly .7 in it was decent...i know for a fact if i bought some kill instead of that weed i would have been gone..
    as for tolerance after the 9 months...even after i started picking up real good weed again i noticed about not even a week after i smoked that 1st joint, my tolerance shot back to when i was smoking 7gs+ per day 
  13. I took 29 days off, then slowly got back into it.
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  14. i quit for probation for 11 months last year. its not hard man. all the times you would smoke, you dont. its thats easy bro
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  15. 5 months strong right now... havent had any urges since about a week after quitting. 
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  16. I've gone over a year before. Had been smoking almost a decade non stop at that point.
    Currently I'm on over 4 months no bud right now. This is after probably 6 years non stop.
    What's to know really? Smoke or don't, you still wake up every day and do your thing. I'm going to be stoked to smoke again though. It'll likely be around 10 months from now.
  17. Had to stop for a little over 10 months. Wasn't the best at first, but you get over it, even for a person like me that uses it as 'medication'.The best advice people will give you, is to be active and keep your mind off it for the first few weeks. If you sit around and think about it, you'll be miserable.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    I quit several time for a few  years  while my kids were growing up. I could not hang out with any of my stoner friends. If I got stoned with them, I'd end up buying more and having to quit again. Once I stopped hanging around people getting high, it was way easier.
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  19. Wow, let the anti-weed people see this thread. If this was a question about quitting cigarettes, everyone's experience would be, "Couldn't. It was too addictive. Still smoking." With weed, for virtually all smokers it's as simple as saying, "Nah." Hypocritical assholes...
    Anyway, for me I quit from January 2013 to August 2013. I quit after I got caught in January and I kept saying, "I'll just smoke again in February." When February came, I didn't care about smoking anymore and just didn't do it again 'til August. No negative experiences that came with quitting.
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  20. I haven't had weed in 4 months. All my contacts disappeared so I started a grow but it still has has a couple months to go
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