Anyone playing scum?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Growpa, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. Not bad for an early development release.

    I've never played this type of game before because they are so time consuming (finding items, crafting)

    That said, the game looks and feels great.
    Just needs vehicles (which are planned)

    Obviously the single player mode is only good for getting a feel for the mechanics
    of the game ATM.

    Multiplayer is gonna be where the fun (and frustration) starts

    What do you guys think about SCUM?

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  2. is it an adaption of the film? Never heard of this, game I hope it is. My favourite prison film ever.

    Young Ray Winstone

  3. Oh! I must have missed that one. I was in the infantry around that time and out of touch with real life (overseas)

    Now I have something to stream this weekend. Thanks!

    The premise of the game is a televised prison island where the prisoners (player) have to try to survive and whatnot.

    It's available on Steam as an early access
    (still under development)

    People in the know say it's a direct DAYZ ripoff with better graphics and smoother game play. It's based on the unreal engine.

    It might be only for PC because I can't imagine playing on a console with a game pad. Not sure.


    Scum (video game) - Wikipedia

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  4. Sounds pretty good this game.

    Yes there are 3 versions of Scum.

    The first was made for tv on the BBC, the second that I linked to was by the BBC also but for film. It's the best version, the first is boring. A long time ago I studied criminology and referenced several clips in that film during my studies to depict how brutal the borstals were - the one thing the films don't highlight is how rampant sexual abuse was by the screws (guards) as well as the inmates.

    The latest version is an American remake called Dogpound. It's no way near as brutal and clearly different as the originals depict the English Borstal system which was truly brutal compared to these soft young offenders institutes these days (both in the uk and the usa).

    That game sounds the lick, I'm gonna check it out - cheers.
  5. the game doesnt go that deep bro. it doesnt have any story at all really. its just a multiplayer, loot, survive, kill kind of game.

    i think you will be vastly disappointed if you think it will have anything to do with the movies.
  6. Correct. It's early development. No single player story at the moment. Multiplayer is fun but after an hour of looting, and you finally have the goodies you need, you have to be extremely careful not to get killed because you'll loose everything.

    Between free roaming zombies, mech's and humans, surviving is not always easy.

    For me, that's the "kick," survival!

    Building and crafting takes a bit too long in my opinion though.

    @ Father Ted, I will definitely check out the recommended versions of the movie!

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  7. shit. I was hoping for a finishing maneuver I could bum another prisoner in the potting sheds.
  8. the game is based around the premise that the players were prisoners and there was a riot that freed the prisoners and unleashed them onto the island, where they must escape.

    however there isnt any real story to it. its not a game that has cut scenes or a story driven narrative.

    once you are out in the world you are just there, trying to survive like all these other survival games.
  9. Right, early development. More content and story line (single player) coming soon.

    But really, any game where I can kill, loot, dismember/decapitate my opponent
    (I'm in!)

    I'm sure someday I'll grow up.... poop2.jpg

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  10. That's why I got so excited about the opportunity to bum another inmate in the potting shed.

    In all seriousness the games looks sick, gonna give it a blast next weekend.
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