Anyone played BioShock?

Discussion in 'General' started by Young Dro, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. This game had floored me...I just bought a new 360 elite and got forza, madden, and bioshock...bioshock is one of the best games ive ever played. It looks amazing, sounds amazing, and is extremely fun. It is like playing out a really crazy movie. Or reading a very good novel...but obviously way better. Anyone who likes video games oughta check it out...esp. blazed, it is one of my new favorite blazered pastimes.

    Oh, and for the uninformed, Bishock is a new FPS...a very highly reviewed game across the board, set in the underwater city of rapture, where a purely capitalist society gone wrong lies in distress. Genetic mutations and robots have made the city a living hell. After a plane crash your character goes down to the city to investigate what has gone wrong.
  2. ....:eek::eek::eek::eek:

    that game is out of fuckin control
  3. Yahh mang! i love it i'm close to beating it.
  4. I played the demo, it looks decent. I don't know if i will buy it though.. I can't seem to decide if i like it or not, but i'm really just waiting to buy assasins creed, orange box, resident evil 5..
  5. you should def. buy it i heard the demo is weak...and ya im waiting on halo 3 and gta 4 myself.
  6. best game ever. and fuck saving those little girls i harvest the shit out of all of them! :devious:
  7. ya man, kill em all! haha i love hacking the security bots, then they can do some of the work, makest he game way easier
  8. i'm sorry dudes but id'e rather save. the presents they give are well worth it.:smoke:
  9. Still wondering if my comp can handle it.
  10. i've got about $700 in upgrades to make before i can play this game :(
  11. what is bioshock? fps? violent platformer? what is it?
    I see it when i open steam but it doesnt describe it.

    Edit: im downloading the demo right now, it looks good
  12. Check out some trailers. This will be the FPS of the year. It's the 3rd installment to system shock
  13. My god, what kind of insane PC do I need to play this game on anything other than LOW graphics?
  14. damn, I wanna I wanna I wanna!!! But I can't !! :( I need some upgrades first, how much is it to upgrade from 512mb RAM, to at least 1gig RAM ?! SOMEONE HELP MEEEE
  15. Real cheap, I got 2gig for under a hundred two years ago. Check out Newegg
  16. Yeah man, I bought it for the PC the other day, its fuckin amazing.

    I bought it originally to see what the DirextX10 looked like, and it ended up being a fucking awesome game.

    I only played it for like an hour and a half so far, but ill def. be putting a half hour or so into the game, fuckin great game.

    I like the telekenesis plasmid, I had fun for like 40 min just killing other people by throwing dead bodies and plates and shit at them.
  17. You'd need at least a $2k PC setup to run new games correctly, so I spent $400 and got an Xbox 360, soooo much better for the price.

    Call of Duty 4, Assassin's Creed, GTA 4, Bioshock, skate.

    The suspense is eating away my soul. When I get the $60ish to get it, I'm getting Bioshock, played the demo, it's fuckin sick, and that's the demo.
  18. If you buy the parts off newegg and build it yourself, it won't cost that much.

    I got my system for 1500 and change in the first week of august, and it plays bioshock fine on high settings. And im way above recommended requirements for the game.

    Yeah if your just playing games, kinda silly to spend 2K when a PS3 / Xbox 360 is a lot cheaper, I use my computer for business so I splurged.
  19. computers are so much more useful than game consoles tho......
  20. Im looking into it, looks really good.

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