Anyone play Vermintide?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by CheebaWeeba, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. Just wondering. It's one of the only games I really play online as I prefer co-op.
    Just bought a new gaming pc though, I have to say it's an amazing upgrade.
    Fun game.
    If you like d&d/Warhammer type stuff.
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  2. Still hooked on red dead redemption 2
  3. Have yet to play that - as I have the new pc which just looks fucking stupid amazing, I'm kind of waiting out the PC version...I think most rockstar stuff eventually makes PC these days and that's a good looking game already. Loved the first one (though liked the zombie one more), played the kind of precursor way back in the day too. Solid series. Bit of (too) open world, but lots of stuff to look at.
  4. I have it on Xbox One, but ill have to snatch it on steam I really enjoy it and no one really plays it on xbox!

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  5. Well when you do, grab vermintide 2. They currently have a sale on where you can basically get everything including a recently dropped dlc including new enemy types and missions, for around the base price of the game. If you get it lemme know, we'll have a game.
  6. I've not heard of this game...what its about Cheeba? :)

  7. It's set in one era of the Warhammer series (yknow, those table top strategy games?).
    Some of the other videogames in the series (but maybe not set in the same era...there's like different times) are Space Hulk, Fire Warrior, they did a total war title, Uh, Space Marine was one of the warhammer 40k ones.
    There's plenty more. It's kind of a huge linked universe that shares the same history/lore...and it all comes from the books and board games, of which I know very little.

    This one is set in what they call the "End Times" era, a lot of the other games are set in either this, or the "40k"/futuristic era.

    Uh...It's about well, these humanoid rat dudes from ?I think? another dimension, and they kind of raid and fuck with the "main" one, in which humans, dwarfs, elves share and kind of have something of an uneasy alliance. There's also bad guys that are humanoid, called chaos troops or some such...they look a bit like barbarians, that have joined forces with the Vermin. I'm sure someone familiar with the books/games could give a better description...So, 5 heroes (Two humans of different skills, an elf, a dwarf, and a witch) basically go out to combat this. Go on missions. Kill rats. Kill Barbarian dudes.
    Level up. Skill trees. Weapons, bombs, potions and runes n stuff...all that semi-rpg stuff that happens.

    It's a bit like a "Baldurs Gate" collection of characters, but the game is a first person game where you can use melee weapons and/or projectiles and magic.
    It also works a little bit like...for lack of a much better example..."Left 4 Dead" where at all times in missions, you will have four of the five selectable characters, each of them can either be a player, or an AI.

    It's...pretty immersive actually for a game that's not graphically amazing. It's a decent looking game, and you can play it on your own, but with a friend on a headset is really fun too...I kind of use the game to spend time and talk to my brother while we play.

    Here's how it looks:
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  8. Wow that looks cool Cheeba. Thanks for all the info an the video too. I might have to try the game sometime as it looks fun!!! Much love an respect to you!

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  9. If you grab it, lemme know and I'll jump on steam and kill things with ya ;)
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  10. Yay!!! thanks I well definetly let you know if I get it. Will be fun to play an kill tings together lol. :yay::hello:


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