Anyone play the stock market?

Discussion in 'General' started by Nerd139, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. So Ive been playing the stock market and Im like who else on here plays?
  2. Gold stocks /or gold .. I worked for several large gold mining companies , one was the largest gold mining company in the world .
    I bought when gold dropped to 248.50 per OZ and sold out at 1822.41 per ounce .
    That was the best I have done.. I would consider investing into gold again risky ...

    The big gold producers mainly are mining for microscopic gold .

    You can look at Newmont mining stocks or Barrick Gold strike stocks..

    Be careful ,the big mining companies look at the gold deposits futures 300 to 600 years in advanced .
    Allot of gold mines around here are the mineral deposits /claims/land the US government gave the railroad 150 to 175 years ago.
  3. I used to. Disabled now but I’ve got a few small bites that I hope to slowly build up. Mostly weed stocks.
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  4. I've traded crypto for a few years but just hodl my profits mostly now..
  5. Occasionally
  6. I have a 401k. I let others play the market and just slowly grow a low risk retirement income...
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  7. I used to play the stock market a lot but only my stock broker made money off the commissions. These days I tend to be very conservative . Blue Chip High dividend 3.5% yield. Co's like Pfizer & Proctor & Gamble or Exxon/ Mobil. BORING..but safe. I just ignore the 15% fluctuations in the price month to month and check it every 6 months just to see. Interest rates are just so low these days. 2% just don't cut it!
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  8. The ups are nice, it’s knowing when to get the offs that I had trouble with. Before I got sick I did have the SPHD etf which seems to be a good div fund like @Steve N mentioned above. I just have the few pot shares for fun since I follow the politics of it so close. I hope it’s a good long term thing so a market fall doesn’t hurt much at the moment.
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    This is what a broker budy told me to buy last June. I couldn't get my account going till like mid July. I have a buddy trading for me. I did finally get into ups at 113 last week. I liked that one and if it didn't take E-Trade so long I could have gotten it at around 105 and rec the dividend this quarter Screenshot_20190613-151853_Gmail.jpg

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  10. Silver hasn’t had a major move in a while. I had some coins that I did well with about 8 or so years back. I’d dump what I have now if it went nuts again. I didn’t know you meant the UPS ticker, I thought you were saying “riding the ups” as market ups, as highs. They seem strong with the new way we shop.
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    I simply put 15% pre-tax into FZROX and then go get stoned. :)
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  12. Stocks, crypto, forex, and options
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  13. Prince Smokdaweed lose $ in options. Then Prince Smokaweed lose money in futures. Game for big boy not small minnow. Need $7k to buy 1, and it represent $120k investment (leverage). Prince Smokdaweed decide this game for bloodsucker and spend all money on weed.
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  14. Invisible fed reserve man buy big futures and have bull missile ready at all time. Make short cover when he want.
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