Anyone play Magic The Gathering?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Noxnoctum, Aug 12, 2011.

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    This game is so freaking fun stoned...

    -Stuffing your face with doritos and with some chill music going while playing MTG with friends is one of the best experiences ever:smoking:. Seriously though... very cool game. especially blazed.

    just got into it... just for fun for me, not into the whole tourney thing...

    gound out there's a "pauper league" too which is pretty cool... basically even the crazy decks people playing really competitively only cost $20-40 cause it's all commons. good way to keep costs down.
  2. Definitely on the same page with you, bro. My friends and I have a tradition where as we shuffle our decks we pass the bowl or joint around before we start the game. As the game progresses it gets hella intense as we all get blazed. :smoking:
    Gotta say, MTG may be nerdy but it's so damn fun.
  3. I have a box full of MTG cards up in my closet. I don't know anyone that'll play with me, though. :/
  4. Me and my friends play it all the time. I've played it baked before, I don't do great but it's still fun.
  5. Used to play poker.

    Then my brother got me into MTG, incredibly fun and keeps you on your cerebral toes.
    My EDH 100-card deck has pink sleeves... so when I beat them, it stings more ;)
  6. yeah I love it too, the only problem is that since my buddies and I play with eachother pretty frequently withing one or two matches with a deck someone will have built another deck that counters it haaaard.

    although I guess you could see that as fun and interesting since we have to keep switching stuff up. but it just sucks when you spend all that time to make a perfect deck and it just destroys other decks only to get completely shut down a week later.

    my favorite deck is an all white soldier/kithkin horde deck but it can be countered by burn/creature destruction decks. If i get a good starting hand though I can have like 14 creatures out by the 4th turn with mad +1/+1 counters. enough to deal over 20 dmg in one atk round anyway.
  7. aaaand then i slagstorm :p
  8. I love mtg, I have shit tons of cards they're packed up right now cause my girlfriend and I are getting ready to move. I have this badass zombie deck that constantly spawn 2/2 zombie tokens I end up getting a massive army plus a car that takes all creature cards from all graveyards and puts themm on the battlefield in my control and they're all black zombies :) hell yeah!!
  9. I have a standard werewolf deck, and a commander deck with the mimeoplasm as my commander, and another commander format called popper with creature centaur as my commander. I play magic daily.
  10. i was hooked on MTG: online

    sadly i never had friends that played the real card game, so i'd be awkward about the little stuff that the computer game automatically does for me :p

    i had to quit because it was too expensive :p

    used to have a friend nearby, that whenever i enter his room, i would have to find a spot to put my foot so as to not step on his thousands of cards *yes i had a ONE friend who played real mtg, but i wasn't into it back then, and we've both moved*
  11. Theres a card shop in my area that's super laid back and cool, fun place to chill, they have glass cases filled with money cards and binders of most sets, and plenty of boosters.
  12. Haha I'm about tto

    Bringing out the KithKin!!
  13. yeah, with a few blades i know in the real world.

    happy to say, i'm pretty sure i was the one who got everyone interested.

    its been too long since our last game night though...
  14. Ive got a killer vamp deck. Hardly know anyone who plays and we still rarely sit down and play anymore.
  15. I'm about to build a mono black edh deck built around one of the legendary vamps. I think ill build Doran first tho
  16. I play with friends every now and then. Got a crazy Green/blue deck. Whole idea is to build up your graveyard since it boosts a few cards I have.
  17. My edh deck runs on graveyards, I have the mimeoplasm and I use buried alive to send my artisan of kosliek, ghoul tree, and wonder to the graveyard and then I play the mimeoplasm as a 20/19 with flying. Also lord of extinction is great in ANY graveyard deck.
  18. Ghoul tree is what my deck was based off of. I also have a few ** cards that build with my graveyard. Had two out at one time with something like 50/50 on both of them thanks to some card I forget the name of that adds, If I remember correctly 2/2 for each card in your graveyard.
  19. Got some new cards for the pauper edh deck today, elves for mana/forestwalk, a whispersilk cloak, and some cool art lands.
  20. me and my friends have played forever, I have 3 EDH decks at the moment. Play all the time.

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