anyone play highgrow

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  2. How do ya play it ????

    "HighGrow is the world's first artificially simulated marijuana growing
    program. You can now finally grow your own marijuana plants without the
    constant fear of a visit by members of your local narcotics branch!

    With HighGrow, you can choose and plant three seeds at any time, and then
    watch them grow into large potent marijuana bushes, harvesting them when you
    feel they have reached their peak potency!

    This educational program realistically imitates the life-cycle of the
    Cannabis plant. You'll be able to adjust the lighting, water, fertilize,
    prune and care for your developing plants, while learning more about them at
    the same time!"
  4. thx for the crack..i played that for a while but stopped cause i was close to the expiration date....ill start up again...yea....
  5. oh cradle thank you soo much...i was scrolling thru the active threads and saw yours and realized ive been neglecting mine for about one and a half not posting my plants, im ashamed of my little neglected brown bastards
  6. how long can they go w/o attention?..i thought in the instructions i read something like two weeks
  7. depends on the stage in their development....usually its up to a week...sometimes 2.....
  8. oh yea, hey cradle. wuts it like when u harvest? any benifits? or is it just end of game?
  9. dont know i havent harvested yet i think i should soon
  10. i just tryd to harvest one of them it asked me what my name was then it had a thing to test print or final print but i dont have a printer so it didnt work
  11. Yah i play that . It rocks. To bad it just a game i want them to mail me prizes etc. (dreamin. but smilin)

  12. :)

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  13. How do you use that crack?
  14. ya the cracks not workin for me??

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