Anyone play diablo?

Discussion in 'General' started by davekim, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. Anyone here play diablo? Great game to play when your high, Pretty good graphics for an old game.
  2. D2 for me
  3. haha nice, whats your username? we gotta play high together sometime.
  4. Yo diablo 1 is the shit. We should all have a game. What characters you guys like to use? The sorcerors the best cuz hes got the magic n shitt
  5. i had it but cant find it lol it is a good game
  6. Ya, diablo 2 is the shit.
  7. used to play D1, never got around to spending the money on D2
  8. i quit that addiction last summer... ive put more hours into that game than any other.
  9. Ya, when I first got d1, I played it sooo much. Holy shit, my characters were so stacked, I had so many good items. Like obsidian rings of the heavens and shit, all legit(I dont cheat/hack) Then I erased it and lost it all...
  10. I used to play D1 back in the day. I had a few different hacking programs, 1 let me cast spells in town and kill everyone. I play D2 now, if any1 else plays D2 online on closed b net my name is UnGodly.
  11. shit man ive been playin the game for like 4 years started on D1 went to D2 then finnaly D2 Expansion all i do is play dat game lol.
  12. Where can I get my hands on a free version of the latest Diablo?
  13. Im not sure where you can get a free one, but it cost about 20 now. Its a good game and worth it, in my opinion.

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