Anyone play 'Dear Esther' HL Mod?

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  1. Its a free mod online that focuses on non-linear narrative and exploration as gameplay rather than combat and I must say it is quite the experience! Hate to ruin it for anyone but if you're bored one day and want to play something real quick ( its only like 30-40 min game) that will haunt your thoughts for some time. Side note - this title has the most beautiful cave I've ever seen in a video game. Simply awe-inspiring. lol Smoked a bowl just watching the screen as the water trickled down and the glow light streaming from the cave's roof illuminating crystalline structures. Beautiful. :smoking:

    Dear Esther
  2. Do I have to own another game to play the mod? How big is the file? Can I run it on a standard laptop or will I need a graphics card?
  3. Yes, it is very fun to play whilst baked. I love looking out to the ocean and the island's caves are fantastic to look at.

    There are two versions to it though, there's the mod version and the paid version.

    Here's the link to its Moddb page if anyone is interested.

    Dear Esther mod for Half-Life 2 - Mod DB

    1. It should work with Source Base 2006, I can't confirm 100% though.
    2. Should be about 1GB at most, its a pretty small download.
    3. What do you mean by standard laptop? You could probably run it but don't expect too much.
  4. I'm pretty sure it works as a stand alone title - like MangledChipmunk said - tis a small file - but the engine is older so I'm sure your laptop will be able to run it. Really beautiful though - they used really nice textures! Glad to hear someone else has played this title - love it when others now about obscure titles - what other games have you played chipmunk? :]
  5. Anna and Miasmata are great indie titles as well
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    Never heard of those. Miasmata looks really interesting. Want to play that asap! What is good about Anna?

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