Anyone play an instrument?

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  1. I play bass and guitar. Heavily influenced by jazz and funk, along with rock from bands such as Led Zeppelin, Steely Dan, The Mars Volta, ELP, Santana, And Cream. I like blues alot too.
  2. Been playing saxophone about 20 years. Mainly blues and big band stuff.
  3. Ha mine are random...piano, cello and accordion! I love to play them all when I'm stoned! Especially cello cause you can feel the vibration! Yikes that's kinda trippy!!
  4. clarinet, flute/piccolo, saxophone, and some piano.
  5. Not an instrument, just drums ;)
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    Yeah I know who Zappa is, pretty beast. I like Camel, and King Crimson too. Most potheads I know listen to the same music as I do. That's why when we jam, were so good.
  7. Great Highland Bagpipes and saxaphone. And bass guitar.
  8. I slappa dah bass big time
  9. I play a few different types of percussion. I have a djembe drum, I can play a cajun box, and am good enough to hold down a simple song on a regular drum set. I'm also in the process of teaching myself how to play the harmonica. Definitely heavily influenced by delta blues. All of those southern artists from around the turn of the century and the early decades in the 1900s.
  10. I make music on gameboys using LSDJ.
    It takes skill, believe me.

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