Anyone play America's Army?

Discussion in 'General' started by Visine!, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. Really fun game, and completely free, anyone else play?
  2. strangly i just downloaded it last night, and i ran into someone saying somthing about richard kluklinzki(the ice man maffia dude) and thought posibly he was on here, but i didnt even ask i was so baked and into shooting shit
  3. Where can I get this free CD?
  4. I haven't played it in a long ass time. I don't even know if my computer is still capable of running it anymore.
  5. I juss firgured out its not free:confused:
  6. Yea... its free for computers... i think its also on xbox 360 though

  7. When i went to the site it said I needed to pay paypal 2 bucks to download:confused:
    Maybe i got the wrong link or site?
  8. BattleField 2 is just like Americas army, except your a badass marine that can fly jets, drive tanks, helocopters, boats, man anti-aircraft missiles, and blow shit up.
  9. Is there a firends list, cause if there is whats ur tag?
  10. You can add people to a favorites list, I'm Commandment_6
  11. Cool i got the download going now, look for me, if i can PM i will. my names gonn abe liek :


    you get the idea. :D
  12. You have to register your account on their website,

    then you have to do a bit of training before you can play online, PM me if anyone starts playing!
  13. well my download is at 20% at 8:54 ill keep updated.
  14. did you finish downloading it?
  15. Yea but when i try to open the game nothing happens? i posted on th forum with my computers infromation, so ill see what i can do.
  16. If you need any help let me know, im not too bad with computers.
  17. If you dont like realism dont waste your time downloading this game, not everyone is going to like it...
    It is badass though if you know what youre doing.

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