Anyone planning an AT Thru Hike in 2015?

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  1. I'm currently in the process of planning for my 2000+ mile journey, hoping to leave around the last week of February. Anyone else have plans to hit the AT for a thru hike in the upcoming season? It would be awesome to meet a few fellow stoners on the trail  :smoke:

  2. I'll definitely put up the link to my blog once it gets a little closer to the departure date
  3. I am 40% done from Rockfish Gap, Central VA to Hanover NH.  I'm gonna do from GA to however much I don't get done this fall and winter of VA.  Then I'm gonna do NH and ME in two separate sections.  Should be leaving Springer around 3/15 or so.  Haven't nailed it down yet.
    Gonna do some winter stuff again this year.  Heres just south of Harpers Ferry last March.  Snowed sideways.  Tent had half inch of ice on it.  
    Trailname is Boomerang

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  4. I left springer in mid april had plenty of time to make it to katahdin and there will be tons of stoners to hang with. And if you plan it right can hit up trail days in damascus come may.
    Are you hiking north or south?
  5. north
  6. Nice, you will find more people to hike with

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