anyone pissed off humans think they are better than animals ???

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by mooglekexin, May 15, 2003.

  1. the old (not really old, just came about in discussion again)orkney tale of some sick motherfucker hitting a kitten's head clean off with a golf club made me think this. is it power over life ??? technology ??? intellegance ??? i dont wish anyone dead but that guy infuriates me sooooooooo much.

    i see all animals (inc. humans) equal and even tho im not a vegetarian

    discuss away
  2. Personally, it makes me sick to be a member of the human race sometimes....we can be very embarassing.

  3. shit yeah. i feel that too.

    if we ever suss out how to converse with elephants, dolphins, urangutangs & gorillas and we told them about all the shit that humans have been upto, they'd go fucking nuts. maybe they already know and are holding back so they dont end up like us.

    Its remarkably funny how its quite often people who are religious that have this superiority complex despite (i imagine) their relgion teaching them that all creatures are "created" equal.

    genetically speaking:
    sure there may be variying degrees of greater complexity in a humans genetics over other animals... but no where near as much as many people would think. on the grand scheme of things we are virtually indeciferable from our nearest relatives (chimps and other primates). And Crocs & Aligators... far superior to the lowly human in so many ways, many of you wouldnt believe.

    alot of humans dont even perceive themselves as animals. as if there are all the animals then there are humans, and the two are completely seperate classifications!?!!! how rediculous is that!
    its an idea that is continually perpetuated throughout our media. Maybe more people need to take biology classes, i didnt but at least i managed to suss out the fact that we a re all breathing living entities.

    the arogance of humanity pisses me of.

  4. i agree!

    but going with the title i am pissed off because ok, just because an amimal can talk or understand our forms of intelligence doesn't mean its dumb or a lower being than us!

  5. I disagree entirely. One barbaric human being with a chemical imbalance doesn't make me embarrassed to be human. It's great to be human and I think it's wonderful that the rest of the animal kingdom is forced to stand by and marvel at our ability to create.

    "Arrogance," you say? Oh please. Every spieces think its superior to every other species. I'm sure dolphins think they are the best and prettiest swimmers. I'm sure mountain gorrillas look at our puny muscles and go "pfft! sucks to be you!" Every animal thinks its better suited to its niche than any other spieces and their niche is the only niche that matters. Even tiny-ass Krill that get eaten by the millions by balleen whales must have a sense of "We rock at eating algea!"

    Our natural abilities our rooted in our brain power so, of course, we think we are smarter and more aware than other spieces.

    Go Humanity!


    ...and don't get it twisted mooglekexin, other animals don't give a shit about humans. If a cow ever got the chance he'd eat you and everyone you care about! Never forget that.
  6. even the title of this thread falls into teh trap.

    humans ARE animals. :p

  7. Agreed.

  8. hahahahaha! i must have missed that first time around.

    yes kexin, never forget that herbavores will eat you given the chance! lol
  9. hell yea i know where u r coming from! animals should get just as much respect cus they are living creatures as well.... one time I saw on the news that some sick fucker duck taped 2 kittens to the highway road, and thy got ran over and died... thats so sad!!!

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