Anyone picking up halo 3 tonight/tommorow?

Discussion in 'General' started by Escape The Fate, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Tomorrow I am.
  2. I preordered my copy online, but I'm considering canceling the order and going to walmart to camp out the midnight release.

    We should definitely get down with a nice blaze + online co-op session tonight (well, tomorrow morning), whoever has it by then. PM me if you guys are down and we can set something up. :D
  3. Pre ordered that shit and got it delivered to the house. Should be coming in a few days
  4. I got the damn ring of death too. This might be the final straw that pushes me to finally get my xbox repaired.

  5. go buy a new one--swap it, take it back and say the one you just bought was bunk and get your $$ back. Its lame that huge ass corporations make half fast products that get sold by huge ass retailers for 400$+ that dont even work. take that piece back to those jackals and get your $$ back. (If you really have balls youd swap your pro or core for an elite)--The first 360 i bought was bunk and i took it back and they didnt even open the box to check out if it was all there I could have had a free controller

    why wait months for know walmart has the most lienent exchange policy in the world probably
  6. yup gettin ready to cop it at the local gamestop here in less that 2 hours!!! i can't wait :hello:
  7. Hell Yea Dude

    CANT WAIT!!!!
  8. Hell nah dogg, ia int even trippin off some video game. I've got betetr things to do with my life. Get high, and holla at some beezies :D

    not dissin you gamers though, jus don't thank it's worth my time to get hyped up about a game, and especially not to play it for countless hours. I could be gettin laid. :p
  9. Then get aids and wish you woulda picked up halo 3
  10. Who needs a girl when you've got your left hand and master chief?
  11. ....yeah, I don't fuck dirty girls, and I always use a rubber

    I'm right handed , but a switch hitter :p ahaha and masterchief is a dude I think... not gay
  12. Ahhh you bastards I gotta wait until this weekend to pick up my game(dont get paid until friday). But ya'll holla at me this weekend if you wanna lose.

    Gamertag: KillerJC1
  13. JSm00th08 is my gamertag

    i dunno im online right now but this seems like a halo 2 with better graphics, deffinatly not worth all the hype
  14. I personally didnt buy it, but some of the people on my dorm hall floor did and they asked if they could use my 37" Westinghouse LCD to play it and i said sure. So now they are playing it straight until the beat the campaign and not before so its gunna be a long nite for me.

  15. I got it. Me and the homies went to the gameshop trippin on shrooms. It was closed by the time we got there, so we went to walmart and got it. It was a crazy night! I still havent gone to bed yet its 7:10 am here.
  16. Maybe i'll get a 360 now.
  17. The game is soo fuckin good. The campaign is awesome, multiplayers gameplay is better than halo 2's. Everyone should pick this shit up
  18. yea this is a fuckin sick game, the line to gamestop last night at 12 was around the block...somehow i smoked a bowl and got there at 11:55 and only had to wait 15 minutes to get the game. i played that shit til 430am last night and would be playing it right now were it not for fucking college.:smoking:

    i cant wait to go to my boys house, roll something up and play it on his 42" plasma!

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