Anyone picking up Dark Souls 3?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by BuddzBunny, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. I got it yesterday and man is it addicting. Time just flys by when you play, but it is hard as shit. Is anyone else going to grab this game?

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  2. Downloading on steam as I type this, 2 days off guess what im doing!
  3. I'm trying to hold out while I see more about how well it runs in general, and how it would on my sort of system. Seems there's lots of performance issues right now
  4. Any thoughts on the game so far? I think it's great! Probably the best in the series id have to say personally

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  5. Liking it but getting my ass handed to me on the first boss...

    Not having any performace issues of any sort even on high settings.
  6. i got it. i've been using some butcher's knife that lets you buff it for a short time so it causes extra damage and health regen.
  7. Wanted to beat dark souls 1 again first, just beat o&s, so I'm on my way to 3!

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  8. I will eventually. I wanted to play the original first and i'm stuck
  9. if you're stuck on a boss try fighting them without any clothes will move around way faster lol
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