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Anyone out here in the Eugene Oregon area?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DeadliestSnatch, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Just moved out here, j/w what the bud scene is like out here. I would assume its close to cali so it must be pretty easy to get... Any general price guide to go by out here?
  2. I guess no one around here can help its a pretty specific question...
  3. Well i know U of O is there, so it's probably cheap. And it's close to harvest season and being so close to norcal, you will have waves of bud up there in no time.
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    I live in Corvallis, like 45 miles away. I went to U of O for 2 years.

    The weed situation is pretty much the same, except Eugene has about 200,000 more people than Corvallis.

    U of O is one of the largest stoner schools on the west coast. Finding bud should be no problem whatsoever. Walking down the street, you should see plenty of guys with dreads toting bob marley bags and shit.

    The prices are pretty solid.

    $50 to $70 - 1/8th
    $80 to $100 - 1/4th
    $150 to $170 - Half ounce
    $300 to $350 - Ounce

    I gave two normal prices, one for average and one for dank.

  5. Some people I know around here constantly get AMAZING quality name brand strains shipped out here from Eugene Oregon. From what I hear, you should have no problem finding quality nug out there.
  6. Just go to the Saturday Market downtown. People openly sell bud and shrooms there.
  7. I live in Silverton, Oregon. Which is 15 minutes away from Salem, Oregon. The prices are pretty cheap around here.

    $5 - .5 g
    $10 - 1 g
    $15 - 1.5 g
    $20 - 2.3 g
  8. Thanks. That's weird though, cuz I was reading on this site some people saying they got 8ths for 30 bucks in Eugene, but that seemed too good to be true. It is different prices in a bunch of posts, but yours seems realistic I guess. It's about the same pricing from where I'm from on the east cost, which is a bit disappointing.
  9. It's basically 10 bucks a gram bro. An eighth is usually 40 bucks for some reason. But dealers should give your more than 3.5. When I get an eighth, it usually weighs out more like 4.5 or 5. But that's just my personal hookups.

    Go to the courthouse. This sounds weird, but there is usually dealers hanging around. Just stand in one place for a minute or two and someone will come up and ask you if you don't look sketchy. Or the saturday market. Do the same thing, find some stoney looking people and just stand in one place.

    Welcome to the great land of Oregon!!
  10. I'm in Eugene as well. There is a lot of great stuff here, but when you're outside the loop it can be hard to break in. Especially if you want a more reliable or regular hookup than buying an eighth outside the courthouse. Or would like to be able to select a sativa over an indica, etc....

    I'm 41, a genuinely nice guy, and I've been buying off and on, but still haven't found a good solid connection. :( I'd really love to be able to reliably get a good quality sativa, rather than whatever my college-age connection is able to find for me at the time. LOL

    The hunt continues.... :smoke:

    Welcome to Eugene! :wave:

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