Anyone ordered form attitude in VA

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by intheclouds92, May 15, 2011.

  1. Just ordered some goods from attitude this morning and was wondering if anyone has ordered and if any problems arose?
  2. they have delivered to all 50 states..
  3. Yeah I know they deliver to all the states I'm just trying to get an idea of if anyone in the area has ordered from them and if they had any problems with customs or anything. I don't want to get jail time for a few seeds! o_0.
  4. okay..first of all, Uncle Sam has better things to do .. if customs finds your seeds You will still get your package ..just minus the seeds and a note telling you , you were a bad American for ordering contraband.

    the only possible problem with seed orders are if it gets broken open by the mail man.. then they MIGHT call the cops.

    not trying to bust your chops , just sayin...

    I have been helping folks order seeds since the Marc Emery days..

    good luck

    PS hey what did you get ?
  5. Well that's very comforting I guess I'll just smoke this skunk and not worry about it haha but I got some bubblieicious and LSD and the freebies
  6. Im from pa and got my beans from attitude friday, had no problem at all, I think it took ten days to get here
  7. Yeah that's about what they said on the site for about ten days.
  8. yo im in va also how long did they say it would take to get there dude?
    im thinking about ordering some
  9. You'll be fine, I ordered mine from the tude 2 and a half weeks ago. About 2 dozen or so. Just get a t-shirt, and it will go right through most of the time without any problems. I'm in the general DC surrounding states so sorta yea, VA is fine.

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