Anyone Order FRom Ali Bongo Lately?

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  1. Just wondering if anyone has ordered from Ali Bongo since all this confiscation shit has started happening?They don't offer any sort of stealth shipping option, and they won't reship if confiscated; however, I've never had a single problem with them and I last ordered on 4/20/2013. Got everything in about 6 days--including a weekend!They also carry Advanced Female Seeds--and herbies and the Attitude don't. Their Pineapple Chunk is the real deal!So, anyone order from them recently?Thanks,Bud
  2. I just placed a small test order last friday.  Gonna try alphakronik's bubba love and american kush.  We will see if it gets here.
  3. Just placed a small order myself--should be here soon. I'll let everyone know if/when it arrives.By the way, I've spoken with Ali Bongo; they are aware of the problems with confiscation and are going to be offering a stealth option in the future. Also, if you ask them they WILL stealth ship it for you now (I obviously won't say how).They are also considering re-shipping upon confiscation in the future, but said that they just can't afford the hit right now if things go wrong.lastly, they will be upgrading their web site next year and will be correcting the pricing issue. For those that don't know what I'm talking about, when you check out their prices on their web site BEFORE YOU CREATE AN ACCOUNT, it shows the prices with VAT (Value Added Tax) added. This makes it appear that prices are much higher for US customers than they actually are, as VAT only applies to European Union orders.If Ali Bongo can work out these small bugs they will be THE place for seeds in my opinion--there's simply no one with better prices or customer service.P.S. It occurs to me that perhaps one of the reasons that Ali Bongo doesn't seem to have problems with confiscation is that they are a smaller less well known seed bank. I also like the idea that Ali Bongo is a HUGE online department store in essence. I mean they carry everything under the sun! So, when you order from these guys you really could be ordering something completely legal--seeds are only one (of many) categories of product they carry.Bud
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    Woah AliBongo is my local headshop here in Norwich lol. The website is the one with the yellow dude in the hat with a j right?
    If you got a communications issues I can just walk in there and talk to them for you man! :D
    They're really good guys so I wouldn't worry about the order being messed up on their end though.
  5. No, no problem with them at all--just a few issues they will be addressing in the future. Ali Bongo is great; like I said the best prices, customer service, and the fastest I've ever gotten an order!Bud
  6. Waterproof, any update on your order?Bud
  7. Well, I see that my package went through Chicago--it arrived there Thursday (29th), and was processed through the sort facility at 1:15am Friday (30th). Problem is, I've never had an overseas package go through Chicago; they have ALWAYS gone through NYC.Guys, I think this is bad news for me in particular, and all of us in general. The seed banks are going to have to get a LOT better at stealth shipping.I'll let you know when it gets here.Bud
  8. A little update: my package cleared Chicago customs in just short of 2 days, then spent less than 12 hrs. at the Chicago USPS sort facility, and has now departed there for my state USPS sort facility.Looks good, but who knows. I'll let you know when it gets here.
  9. Got my order today.  All was there and i had to sign for my package.  Next time i will request no-signature.  But Ali Bongo has the cheapest prices Ive seen online and free shipping is nice as well, only thing is they do not offer any stealth shipping methods.  
  10. Got my order today also! Everything perfect--6 days from the day they shipped (which was 3 days after ordering). So, 9 days total from order to delivery!Something has to be going on here--two orders from Ali Bongo that both made it through?! Mine went through Chicago.Waterproof--where did yours go through?Ali Bongo WILL stealth ship if you request it. They also said they would probably be adding a stealth shipping option in the near future. For now though, just request it.Ali Bongo really does rock! They have THE best prices, free shipping, and outstanding customer service!Bud
  11. Mine went through SF customs.  
    As far as stealth shipping goes...I've heard that many people have never had an Attitude order confiscated when they didn't pay for stealth shipping.  
    Maybe customs thinks its more suspicious when there is item wrapped inside of another item?  I like peace of mind knowing my seeds are guaranteed to get to me, but I hate paying $25 for shipping of some tiny seeds and I never end up using any of the stealth items anyway.  I'll likely order from Ali Bongo again, they have the best prices, free shipping, and a lot of stuff that is sold out at the usual outlets.
  12. I'm wondering if this isn't just a matter of luck? I've seen posts where people got their order on the 2nd or even 3rd attempt. In other words, if you try enough times just by random chance--since they can not inspect every piece of mail coming into this country--you'll eventually get lucky and sneak it past customs. Because I'll tell you, my order was not stealth in any way. So, if it had been X-rayed it WOULD have been stopped. In fact, I don't think any of the stealth shipping options would have a chance to evade X-ray examination--UNLESS there are so many pieces of mail going through the X-ray machines that the person attending only has an instant to recognize possible items of interest.At any rate, my order was not stealth and it made it; so, again, it did not go through X-ray exam. They must single out certain pieces of mail for further examination.Bud
  13. Attitude is sending so much stuff to the states it is probably easily identifiable.  All attitude packages look exactly alike so once they pin-point one package, it is easy single out all the attitude orders that fit the same description.  
  14. Bought a bong from this site. USA will they ship?
  16. Was wondering the samething but a more recent order.i just got ripped off by singleseedcentre.was wanting to go somewhere else.need us shipment and decent prices.all my money has gone n setup so price MATTERS please
  17. I recently ordered from alibongo January 17. I was very disappointed in the whole experience! After choosing seeds that were labeled in stock and waiting 5 days for a conformation number I called them and was told my order had been overlooked and now the seeds i ordered were out of stock. I spent a few days choosing new seeds only to receive an email the following day that those seed to had been sold while my order was processing. Again, I choose new seeds. this time the order went through. When the seeds arrived the 10 I was most excited about (Raspberry cookies) were tiny, green(as in not mature) and there were only 9 when I ordered 10. The seeds are 1 month into growth now next to 10 other seeds I ordered from Alibongo and are very weak looking and sickly in comparison. They sold me seeds that should have never been sold and shorted me to boot. Just wanted to share my experience. I have hopes that the seeds will pull out of whatever is going on with them but in reality I know they probably will not and even if they do they will probably have issue during their life cycles. Thank you for listening!
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  18. i used ali-bongo for a while after the attitude had the confiscation issue in 2013. i did not like them as well as the attitude but i always got what i payed for. i did not have any problems like you but some little things. they either forgot my freebies or sent me the wrong ones every time. now they do not accept any credit card payments at all so i went back to the attitude. they have new shipping methods that see to be getting thru customs plus it is even faster than before.

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