Anyone on the western hemisphere of the U.S.A.?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by High Hitter, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. I am in Tucson Arizona anyone else on the west side of the U.S.A.?..........................Or even in Arizona?
  2. No not me dude London uk.
    Welcome To The City!!!
  3. i thought all of Usa was on the western hemisphere :-D
  4. Alaska here, and no goddamit i dont live in an igloo and ive never been on a dogsled............ but snow makes great mixed drinks;)
  5. i live in new mexico thats on the west side of the u.s.
  6. east coast here... welcome to the city....

  7. hey i live in mesa az... do u have aol or yahoo messenger maybe we can talk or something... im madd bored!
  8. Welcome to the city.... enjoy your stay!!!!

  9. where in ak?

    i just left juneau to come back to fla!

    and i dident live in an igloo ither....
  10. Sung to the tune of "Alaska's State Song"
    OK, all together now!

    Eight stars of gold on a field of blue...
    Alaska's Flag may it mean to you!

    The blue of the sea, and evening sky.
    Of mountain lakes, and flowers nearby.

    The gold of the early sourdoughs' dreams!
    The precious gold of the hills and streams.

    The brillient stars of the Northern sky:
    The Bear, The Dipper, and shining high the Great North Star
    with it's steady light!
    O'er land and sea a beacon bright!

    Alaska's Flag; to Alaskans _dear_.
    The simple flag of a last frontier!

    Ta-da! Good job everybody.
    Earth girl wants to go see Alaska, live in an igloo, ride a dogsled, see the Arora Borialis, catch a humongo salmon, eat some seal, etc.
    For an adventure, then come home.

  11. what part of the east, im in michigan

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