anyone on here into racing or cars

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  1. anyone on here into racing or cars? if so what do you got? what kinda mods? i'll start, i currently have a b16 swapped crx w/ bolt on's and a 75 shot. not the fastest by any means but sill fun as hell
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    ha. why'd you go with the b16?

    are you by any chance a member of HHU?
  3. whats wrong w/a b16? and i got a good deal on the motor from my friend was the main reason i went with it. whats HHU? i'm on honda-tech and a few other car forums. i'm prob gonna sell it tho and get another dsm, i just can't stay away from dsms lol what do you drive?
  4. Yeah im very into cars. Here are some I have had awhile ago.

    1988 - Cougar XR7 5.0

    1990 - 5.0 Mustang with Paxton Novi Blower

    1997 - GSX Eclipse

    2004 - SRT4

    All cars above had MANY mods done to them!

    Currently saving for a C5 Corvette Z06 or a C6 vette!
  5. the big thing thats wrong with a b16 is that its a 1.6L. of course you can bolt shit on, throw on a turbo or spray (which you mentioned you already do), but in the end, there is no replacement for displacement.

    i drive an eg6, currently has the stock engine but i'm building a h23a.

    oh, and HHU is another honda forum, the first forum i ever used, and it sucked balls. i just had to ask in case you read some of my posts or something on there.

  6. i forgot to mention i have hondata it def helps alot and you'd be suprised what kind of power the 1.6 can make plus its in a crx lol it ways nothing, w/ my suspension and dr's it hooks like a mother fucker for a fwd car.
  7. besides DOHC is the replacement for displacement lol.

  8. nice man, what did you have done to the srt and the gsx? i've owned both of those, lol i'm about to buy another 1st gen talon, gotta love the 6 bolt. i have some pretty sweet vids of a the new fastest stock turbo evo 9 that my friend built its absolutely sick man the car is a beast [ame=""]YouTube - Most-Wanted's Evo 9 @ PBIR 2/06/09 Fastest stock appearing turbo record[/ame]
  9. i have a lot of friends w/ some ridiculously fast cars. lol one day i'll be fast :(

  10. and good luck w/ that h swap its a pain in the dick for real
  11. The SRT4 was stage 2, 3" TBE, Ported stock turbo, AGP large FMIC, CAI, Bomba TB, extrund honed IM, and a few other things.

    The GSX was 50 trim, Large FMIC, DSM link, 3" TBE, ported IM, CAI, plus tons of stuff.

    I sold both of those cars YEARS ago.

    If I get the C5 Z06 im going to do all engine work....Heads, Cam, Roller Rocker, etc. This would be a killer street strip setup.

    If I get the C6 its going to be a TT kit from TTIx....also if if they drop the price id prob end up dropping the CR to about 8.5:1 and crank up the boost and timing....looking to run low 10's or high 9's.
  12. i would def say get the c6 if you are gonna boost it, plus the ls3 is sick
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    My lil del sol has a sohc b16 I do believe, not a vtech but a 1.6l sohc for sure, its all stocked and ragged out hard core, but time to get rid of it

    I just got a triple black 98 mustang cobra convertible last august, all stock w/ 20,500mi, even the orginal rubber from 98 with a decent amount of trend left.

    Of coarse its a dohc 4.6l 305bhp 300lb/feet torque. Factory says itll do 0-60 in 5.5 and the quarter mile in 14 even. Could be better with a vortec and suspension but I'm not even gonna fuck around with a low mile car

    Im personally a mustang guy, flame if you want, I dont really like 94-98's but mine is a gem, better quality than a new one IMO, equal performance and 1/3 the price. I'm not complaining

    I'm on my iPod do I can't post pics but if you can view my attachments I have pics of my 98 and my old 89 5.0 that are both super clean for their age
  14. If I get the C6 I want a 2005 LS2 with the A4 tranny. I can easily swap out the stock A4 with a MUCH stronger one from RPM transmissions that can handle what ever I throw at it. Plus Turbos + Auto tranny = AMAZING!
  15. you could save money and get a evo ix they are so sick w/ such little mods. my friend that built that evo i posted, his stock turbo evo wich is street driven everyday w/ not even that many mods just a good ass tune went 10.93. and i know 4 dif peple that are in the 11's w/ thiers w/ just dp, drop in filter, and tune. they are just so sick how fast they can be w/ such little mods, it's all in the tune. that newer mivec motor plus the bigger turbo make them so way better than any other evo. plus you won't have to worry about traction, and not only save on initial price but gas too. but i'm guessing your a little older and out of that whole scene.
  16. If its really that low miles you can deff have some fun with that. You can find great deals on SC's for that car all over the place.
  17. it isn't that bad, the hardest part i think will be finding a spot to mount the larger radiator. you said earlier something like "you'd be suprised the power a 1.6 makes, plus its just in a crx." in all reality, my car is almost 200lbs lighter than your car, both stock, despite it being bigger and having a back seat.

  18. Yeah my street racing days are over...LOL....thats how I got the cash for my old GSX.

    AWD is fun but there is nothing like the feel of a true RWD sports car with 700+ whp & trq to the ground!
  19. non-vtec 1.6L are d-series. i'll also be the douche to say "vtech is a phone company". my friend had a really nice del sol, he did a GSR swap into it. fucking car was quick.

  20. those 2v motors are garbage in them anyways, i wouldn't mod it either.

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