anyone on here in a frat?

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  1. which and which college/chapter?
  2. I was going to rush until I realized frats are a waste of time/money/energy since you can get everything they offer and more for free.
  3. My frat boy neighbors always give me free alcohol
  4. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Colorado Gamma - Colorado State University :smoke:


  5. no it hooks you up with connects you wouldnt have otherwise and prestige and its not a waste of time or money or energy because you would be using those other things anyway.
  6. ^^^ warning a bro has entered the thread. I repeat a bro has entered the thread. lol

  7. lol that's relative and I had connections before even considering it. For you it's a great option, go for it and don't look back.
  8. it's chad to you, buddy ;)
  9. Illa is my "frat daddy" :ey:

  10. Hahaha CHAD, seriously no one likes frat bros. I've met cool frat guys but there are A LOT of bros lol
  11. FRAT DADDY SMASH:devious::devious::devious:
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    except you're using those things to hang out with other people who think writing a check=prestige. i guess connects are cool but my family has a business and i use to cuddle and play catch with the owner, and i dont have to hang out with dbags!!

    although i admit i rushed Gummi Bear Squadron but couldn't get a bid :(
  13. If there was only a club where I could get drunk with women, but not be paddled and play 60v12 cement ball, HMM, if only where?!

    Fraternities get A+ for idea, C- for execution.

  14. assumptions like that get you nowhere.
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    Hahahahaha lol'd. Silly children and there social clubs.
  16. My older brother was in the SigEp up at URI, in Rhode Island.
  17. in retrospect, pledging is the BEST and WORST times of your life hahha whos with me?

    "From the outside looking in you can never understand it. From the inside looking out you can never explain it."

    "Letters today, leaders tomorrow"

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