Anyone on here ever trade seeds?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by DevilRed, May 13, 2003.

  1. Anyone ever trade seeds? I mean instead of buying some or picking from a sack.

    Ive got a boat load of the same shit, some widow and Jamaican Pearl. No need to buy weed, so im stuck with the same seeds.

    Ive got Widow off a momma that we have been picking clones off of for 5 years now.....wheeew nock your socks off momma.
  2. sup DR

    well i have no idea what my seeds so i cant really trade no one will trade me :)
  3. Why not trade? Its obviously different than what the other person has. I mean the weed seed you have has got to be from a different momma than the ones I have, and likely a different strain.

    I guess there is a tip toe around the entire legal issue of it, but otherwise I don't see why more people don't trade. I honestly get bored with the kind I have and wouldn't mind mixing it up some to see how growth compares. Ive got some good shit, who knows, blend it with some other and it might be even better shit.
  4. I need to know how to grow some herb and where to get my seeds? Thx
  5. u can get seed from ur sack that u buy. (darker ones are better) or u can get on websites and buy them.

    Sup DR

    yea i will trade with u but they might suck sounds like u have some good plant seeds like i said i dunno what mine are but i will still trade with u i want a plant that is redish like my uncles.

  6. i wouldnt mind trading but the only thing is you dont know what the other persons got.
  7. How would you make the transfer?
  8. If you wanted to trade you'd just have to mail them and trust each other...and hope the other person isn't a cop.
  9. Make sure you trade cross border, If the other person is a cop, They will have to try and convince the sargeant of going through an extradition for 5-10 seeds....
  10. Good point, I think 5 seeds would be the way to go for trading.

    Does seem like it would be a bit of an hassle for someone to go after that.

    I know what I have , widow but wouldn't mind some other flavors.

    It is getting late for this season though.

    Ive just been skunked out of 20 plants someone stole them ARGGGGGG!!!!

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