Anyone OBE while high?

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  1. I often start to hav OBEs when I'm high, but never go fully out of body. Has anyone here actually achieved astral projection?
  2. Never.

    The closest thing I've had while being high was CEV's. I'm not sure if I'd call it astral projection but I definitely experienced lucid dreaming before.
  3. ^ try this.^
    I've physically felt like I was floating up while inducing a WILD (waking induced lucid dream) before, and stopped rising when I hit the ceiling.
  4. Same here. When high, I can get some of my body out, but not all. The only full OBEs I've had were when sober. I wouldn't say weed affects my OBE abilities either way, but it sure helps me with energy work! :)
  5. I have once. I had smoked at least 12 bowls of chronic. Then as i sparked up my next hit i saw my self looking down on me. crazy
  6. Yeah man that's awesome. I got super stoned the other night and started to go out of body. That's why I made this thread. I really do believe that being high can encourage an OBE. As long as you relax yourself, therefore lowering your heartbeat, I think it would make inducing an OBE a lot easier because you're already in that altered state of mind.
  7. If you're wanting to astral project. I don't suggest learning with the aid of cannabis. I think it can be helpful depending on the person to try after smoking and use the experience as something to reflect and study for future attempts. I wouldn't use it as a crutch however, where you can only project with the use of ganja.
  8. So, using the search button i found this, exactly what im looking for.

    Hopefully you can answer: What would happen if you couldnt get back in?

    I want to try this but im afraid of not being able to come back.
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    Well, I can vouch for this and say that i have had an out of body experience from cannabis... atleast thats the only explanation i could come up with at the time

    it seemed like regular weed and it was definitely the strain/or the pot that was causing this "experience" because it happened more than once. No I don't think it was laced.

    I basically just felt all my energy slowly drain to the core of my body and then burst out of me. after that happened i kinda stayed in that state for what seemed like minutes but it was really probably less than a minute.

    I really suggest getting high by yourself every once in a while. My friends all think its best to socially smoke but i find myself enjoying my personal sessions a lot more. maybe its just me though

  10. I love kicking back with a jay on my own. Just listen to some chill music and think about life. Absolutely love it.

  11. Don't worry, you will always be able to get back in. In fact, as soon as you think about your body, you should be immediately transported back to it. It's actually quite hard at first to control staying out of body. I haven't had one yet, but just started reading an excellent book on the subject.
  12. only time i had an OBE was when i smoked weed while on DXM. it was so strange. it was like i was in my head watching wut my body was doing. it was only for a few minutes tho while i was peaking off the weed.

  13. I'm not doubting you, but from what you've written, that doesn't really sound like an OBE. Maybe you can elaborate?
  14. well im not really either sure either haha. it was like my body was on auto-pilot and my mind had nothing to do with my movements. for a moment i wasnt even "concious". like i was awake and walking but for a few seconds i wasn't even thinking. i was seeing what i was doing but not realizing that im seeing it. then after a few seconds i thought back and realized i wasn't moving myself, but watching myself and was like "whoa wtf"
  15. The first time I got high I had an OBE and it was really scary. I was looking at myself from 2 feet above my head

  16. Shit yeah. That'd be scary for anyone who's never experienced anything like that before. I'm so glad I know a lot about it before having my first experience.

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