Anyone not have a Facebook?

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  1. My Facebook account's been deactivated for months now, and I feel my social skills and general well-being have benefitted as a result.

    There are so many problems with Facebook and its effects on our generation, but instead of detailing them, I will relay my friend's experience with reactivating his account recently. He too was sick of it, but decided to relent and give it one last shot. Upon reactivating, the first thing he saw was a girl posting on a guy named Jay's (who, might I add, she rarely if ever talked to in real life) wall. The post read "jaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy xx:)", and nothing more. He deactivated it again instantly and has not used it since. Mine had already been deactivated and I was considering going back on it, but after hearing that story and being reminded of so many similar posts and people using it to create an idealised persona, posting and saying things they never would in real life, I too have not used it since.

    Does anyone else not have a Facebook and has no intention of getting one/reactivating their account? Why?
  2. I would get rid of it but I use it to talk to people I normaly can't and I use it for events and news about my friends
  3. I deactivated mine, but only cause it was a waste of time. I'm probably going to reactive it again once I get my life back together, just waiting for that day
  4. I keep it only to stay in touch with friends who moved away, since my phone situation is not always the best.
  5. I have a Facebook account but have probably used it 5 times in the whole two years I have had it. I don't think it's a bad thing but so many people are just stupid on it. E.g
    "Simon just took a shit"
    "Sam, Michelle and 4 others like this"
    No one really gives a shit about 90 percent of the stuff written on there.
    That's just one aspect I don't like about it, there are many others but if I listed and described them all I would be here all day lol.
  6. deactivated mine and dont plan on going back
  7. Yeah at my school facebook is a popularity contest, kinda retarted. The more likes, wall posts, and other shit you have the more popular you are. When I deleted mine I was pretty high up on that scale lol, like I said it was a big part of my life... So I just had to delete it
  8. facebook is the place to get laid, find parties, and weed
  9. I don't have one. I think there is such a thing as being to accessible. Anyone I want to stay in contact regularly with is usually done by text, phone, or email.
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    I'm glad most of you guys share my view. Of course it is useful for keeping in touch with people, but I just use my phone for that these days. Pretty retro huh. I've been calling and meeting up with lots of old friends recently. Instead of a 15 minute facebook conversation (which said catching up no doubt would've been were I still on facebook), we arrange to hang out, smoke, drink and catch up properly, like in the olden days. Failing that you can have a nice phone convo which always go longer and feel more personal than over facebook. So much better and more fulfilling.
  11. I just don't go on that shit anymore
  12. I have no idea why I have mine still, I'm gonna go delete it right now.
  13. I agree completely, Facebook is so shit.
    I do have an account that I made years ago, I never post statuses or check the feeds anymore though. I just use the private chat occasionally when I need to talk to someone I can't reach using other means.
    Some day soon though i will deactivate it.
  14. Mine's gone now.
  15. Only reason I have a fb is to lurk hot chicks' summer albums. :ey:
  16. I NEVER had a Facebook account. I feel like im also the only person on planet Earth with a frequently used AOL account also.
  17. I like Facebook :)

    I mean just ignore the people who annoy you, and there is always the "Unfriend" button...

    I moved to a different country after I finished school, and I think Facebook is fkn great to stay in touch with people and see how they are doing...
  18. I deactivated it, it was mostly high school kids so I don't care to go back.
  19. Why talk about it shoo much if you don't like it
  20. Soon as my phone situation becomes more stable, I'll probably end up deleting mine. If I dont have your number, I probably dont want to talk to you.

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