Anyone not believe in evolution?

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by mels, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. Anyone not believe in evolution? If not I'm quite interested in why.

  2. ive heard somne crazy theories of people talkin about how the biological history of man and archelogical evidence supports that man died out after the first generation just to have a booming 3rd generationa dna another weak 4th generaiton and finally the succesful 5th generation of man,. this implying that man didd not evolve but it nore had some ind of aid or assistance.

    iu dunno interesting stuuf not disproving evolution, but jsu the evoltion of man.,
  3. [quote name='mels']Anyone not believe in evolution? If not I'm quite interested in why.

    You mean the Theory of EvoBullShit! Bullshit because 50,000 years ago, A Camel was a Camel , a Human was a Human and an Elephant was exactly the Same as Now, Just An Elephant! No Scientific Changes, and No Proof of Change!

    But,, that's just my thought when I discuss it with my sister.. :)
  4. I believe i devolution

    They tell us that
    We lost our tails
    Evolving up
    From the snails
    I say it is all
    Just wind in sails

    Are we not men?
    We are devo...

    Were pinheads now
    We are not whole
    Were pinheads all
    Jocko homo
    Are we not men?

    Monkey men all
    In business suit
    Teachers and critics
    All dance the poot

    Are we not men?
    We are devo...

    God made man
    But he used the monkey to do it
    Apes in the plan
    Were all here to prove it
    I can walk like an ape
    Talk like an ape
    I can do what a monkey can do
    God made man
    But a monkey supplied the glue
    We must repeat
    OK lets go...

    I think those boys was REAL high when they recorded music.... It touches on a few evolutional theories.

    I believe in nothing.
  5. idk man natural selection is pretty fucking rock solid.

    but if a "god" made matter in general, i would say so.
  6. If you believe in GOD then I am the god because I am of the very same tissue of man that created him.
  7. We were created in the "likeness" of God, THE LIKENESS. Could mean the only thing we have in common with God is we walk on two legs.

    I have faith that I did not come from some animal or a puddle of mud, I was created by the hand of God.
  8. Prove it. ;)
  9. Are you serious? You know very well that I cant prove anything.

  10. Indeed, just, stating things as fact that you cannot show evidence for is a little odd and always encourages me to ask for some kind of proof to back up the statement.

  11. being made in the likeness of god means we have free will to make decisions on our own, instead of making decisions on impulse or for survival
  12. It's actually a more complex process then that.

    Heres What the National Academy of Sciences says about evolutionary evidence.

    Is this really somehow less believable then an all powerful all knowing all seeing magical invisible humanoid thing in an intangible place personally taking it's time to create you and all other things in creation and then leaves no evidence of itself whatsoever anywhere?
    Or is your faith in spite of believability? (just curious)

    I'm inclined to fill in the blanks as humanity progresses.
  13. Well, fair enough. I made some statements yesterday in another post that I cant back up either, & got cooked up pretty good...I'm well done.

    I guess its just my up bringing, pretty much raised southern Baptist, I wasnt givin a choice. I dont know the I have about a million myself. I wonder about things just like everybody, the more I watch the discovery channel the more questions I have. The big Bang - is that some kind of evidence from God creating the stars - or is it just what it is...something that just happened. The Bible doesnt seem the explain Dinosaurs, or cave men, how can a being hear my thoughts through prayer...not just mine but every single person walking the planet. I mean when you set down & realy thing about all this, sometimes everything makes since & nothing does. There are times like right now when I struggle with my faith, like when I cant stop from commiting a sin, but if I believe...I have to believe everything, like the fact that I'm not clean enough to "not" sin, I'm a born sinner & there's nothing I can do about that.
    If I'm a Christian then I failed miserably, it supposed to be like sharing a pot of gold I found, instead of wondering if its fool's gold. One thing I can do to improve is respect everyones views & opinions & keep an open mind, I guess not being so old fasion & extremely old school would be good also.
    One thing I take into consideration, & I know this is a little out there but...I have to keep reminding myself that I only have the capability to use %10 of my brain, with that I'm lucky I can ballance a check book, let alone try to figure out what happened some billions of years ago.

    Either way...were here.

    Peace guys
  14. For someone to not believe in evolution, they would have to be ignorant or blind. Evolution happens everyday through natural selection and adaptations. Im talking about a species of animal, plant, bug changing to better survive their environment. To evolve means to change slowly. However, many try to apply evolution to the origin of life. If evolution happens on a small scale why can't it happen on a much larger scale? Natural selection can manifest over several years. Thats a small change like change in beaks of birds or some dogs having webbed feet (these examples are off the top of my head). A bigger change like the evolution of a completely different organism from another must occur over a longer period of time. Right? Maybe a hundred years? No supporting evidence. Maybe a thousand years? No supporting evidence. Okay so maybe a million years? No supporting evidence. But if it happens on a small scale it must happen on a larger scale. It must take billions of years to happen. This is where evolution applied to origin of life breaks down. The facts are shrouded in the 'fact' that it takes billions of years for new organisms to evolve. The way I see it, its the same way the facts are shrouded by faith from a religious standpoint. Evolution applied to origin of life hides behind time, and lots of it; religion applied to origin of life behind faith. In the end they both sound like a religion taken by faith.
  15. Wow, look at how retarded life has become.

    People are saying that even though they have no evidence, nothing but a small book that was very likely messed with and changed very many time, that something is real.

    And the funny thing is, its accepted. But if this sort of thinking is used on anything else, its nothing but a myth or a crazy ass kid trying to be funny. Take for example dragons. There written about, and have claimed to be seen, yet they aren't real. Why isn't it the same for "God"?
  16. <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"><meta name="ProgId" content="Word.Document"><meta name="Generator" content="Microsoft Word 10"><meta name="Originator" content="Microsoft Word 10"><link rel="File-List" href="file:///C:%5CDOCUME%7E1%5CFrancois%5CLOCALS%7E1%5CTemp%5Cmsohtml1%5C01%5Cclip_filelist.xml"><style> </style> Evolution, or changes in alleleic frequencies within a population over time, is an irrefutable fact.

    Anyone that says otherwise either does not understand the evidence or is purposefully DENYING the truth (read: they aren’t being “sceptical”).

    Wake up.
  17. Well there is proof of evolution, like bones and all that shit..but theres no actual proof of god.

    "If i were to eat some shrooms, and thought some one was talking to me on a higher plain,and wrote a book about it, does it become a religion?" -Pakelika
  18. Ironic isn't it? :D
  19. The question is appropriate as the Theory of Evolution requires "belief". Now, if you want to call variation and adaptation of species evolution, so be it. There's lots of different kinds of butterflies, dogs, cats. flowers, fish, lizards, etc. But they're all the same species and don't become anything else nor did anything else become the species we see today.

    Life comes from life and man can't create it or replicate it. Scientists have been swirling all kinds of matter in beakers with all kinds of radiation pointing at it and nothing will ever crawl out of that beaker. Certainly not love the and compassion of God or the hate and intolerance of humans. Whether or not chooses to accept or reject the God of bible and all creation, to look through a telescope or microscope and declare there is no God is arrogant foolishness.
  20. Don't worry Davey, we've all fallen short as Christians. That's the point; that Christ has done what we couldn't do and offers us His righteousness and goodness through atonement and forgiveness of sin. We don't deserve eternal life, it's given freely by God's grace.

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