Anyone no what this could be a thought potassium deficiency?

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  1. i think it’s potassium deficiency? The gelato #33 on the right yellow tips

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  2. Not a Potassium deficiency, a bit of nute burn caused by excess nute's and or hot soil. Not much to worry about.

    Ps. I see there is some rapid growth. Again some growing information would be wise, to determine anything.
  3. You talking about the plant in the back? Looks like slight nute burn on that one
  4. It’s the one on the right promix Hp last given nutes today gh flora micro grow bloom Cali magic Cali magic 4ml 3 ml micro 1.5 ml grow as using 2 but dialed back and 1 ml bloom.she is 43 days old. Using hlg quantum board 100w 3000k. Distance is about a foot and a half from canopy temps 27c rh in the 40s ph between 6.0-6.5 I just ordered a Ppm meter should be here tmr.
  5. I grew the same strains organically and there way bigger way healthier and like 20 days younger. I wish I knew what to keep my Cali magic micro grow bloom at for these plants I need a good feed schedule I see the ones online I followed them she must of got burnt. The organics I find easy .but I desperately want to grow both ways.
  6. This is my organics sorry about the blurple.

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  7. Another question . If they do get nute burn how many times should I just give plain water I use ozonated water. And when I do feed again how much should I dail back if they burned off 4ml calimagic 3ml micro 1.5ml grow and 1 ml bloom.

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