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Anyone never encounter crap weeed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dr Cuddles, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Maybe it's because I live in Vancouver, but I have NEVER come across shitty weed in my life. The weed I smoked in high school was Dank, weed I pick up now is Dank, and the only other places in the world that I have smoked besides Vancouver and the surrounding area was Kelowna, which has really good stuff, and Amsterdam, which is obvious.

    I was frankly surprised to see how many people buy shwags/mids or have to pay out of the ass just for some semi-dank bud. I don't even think I could find someone to sell me mids if I tried around here.

    Anyone else never smoked anything but dank? How noticeable is the diffrence between shwag, mids, and dank?
  2. You find lower quality weed at parties or places where lots of people are smoking.

    Dank less will get you high, usually a better high, tastes better. IMO papers and wraps should be used only with mids/schwag, dank should be smoked in glass.

  3. In Canada, no. Even the shitty high school dealers have dank. I've never smoked anything other then dank and have no desire to.
  4. Agreed! I have always gotten dank, except for one time. Friend said he started dealing, i wanted to see how his weed was so i picked up 1g and it was shitty dense dark green stemmy mids. I never saw anything like it before, i was like wtf is this shit. It was so different :eek: It hardly got me high and even like holding it i could tell it was shit. Felt like i was holding a brick nug lmfao

    Glad everybody sells dank in canada :smoke:
  5. Yeah, even at parties everyone brings their own dank.
  6. So you're saying we should all move to Canada?

    I'm only 2 hours from the border...
  7. You guys are lucky. People where I live think mids are something special. :p.
  8. Wait until your state becomes a medical mj state. Since MI became one I started seeing more and more danks. Now I would have a hard time getting regs or mids, they are still around, just harder to find now
  9. yupp i nearly shit when i called my main and he referred me to a runner who legit carried his half o in his lunch box for school, he must hav ebeen 14 or 15. and they say prohibition is keepin drugs off the streets lol.

    i have come across shitty weed, but only by choice, after lots of searching, for hash making purposes :)
  10. My friend said he picked up some stuff 2 grams 25 bucks, when i looked at it, i was like, that looks like mad shit. Didn't even give me a buzz.
  11. If I'm on my own buying bud, I always buy dank. Everything I buy is at $60 dollar eighths. But if I go back to my hometown to smoke with friends, they always claim to be getting us some "dank" or good bud....but of course it turns out to be regs/mids in dime sacks. Bud is bud though so I'll take whatever I can get because at the rate I smoke, anything will get me high as hell after a couple of hits. :smoke:
  12. When I was a kid I was getting weed of the local dipshit fucking nobody dealer and his green was awfull, didnt know at the time though because that was the best I could get back then. Ive had to progress from shit soapbar to stinky green. I come from a smallish town as well so we dont get any major amounts of weed moving around. I can get high quality mids now but it very rare that any dank shit comes through town.
  13. Absolutely, when i was in bosnia last summer i had to smoke that shit there...i bought an 1/8th and counted around 21 seeds in there.....yeah i was a sick cunt for smoking it but weed is weed.
  14. I'm in Pennsylvania at college and all I ever get is dank, some is better than the others, but everything around here is stand 20$ a gram/60$ an eigth.
  15. I sinct it... I smoked a 4 gram blunt of it and had a weak high.
  16. Before I moved to the South, I had only seen 1 ounce of mids in the Pac NW and I bought it during a drought at my former college for like 20$ because it was the only thing the dealer couldn't sell during the last week of school (when things always go dry). I smoked it all in blunts/spliffs to avoid the taste because tobacco tastes better than mids. They just don't really make their way up North as far I think because the market here is saturated with super cheap dank...
  17. when i started smoking, i picked up 3 grams of what i THOUGHT was sour diesel. i picked up my dealer who was drunk as shit and drove him to his house where he got locked out and had to wait for his roommate to wake up and open the door. after 15 minutes of waiting, he gives me these 3 bags that all together probably added up to 1.5 grams. i paid a full 30 for it & guess what?! it wasn't even sour diesel. it was some booty shit.

    the worst part is i told him he ripped me off & then he texts me 2 days later like "yea i re'd up, i got some "healthy" sour. i'm guessing healthy meaning chunky. i ask him "are you giving me a dime for free so i can try it out?" he says "no, i cant do that." WHY THE FUCK NOT?! thats the LEAST you could do. so i deleted his number and he still tries hitting me up til this day. lesson learned. :mad:
  18. Gota think though unless we can all sample each others weed there bo real way of comparing so your mids might be somone elses dank.

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