Anyone name their pieces?

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  1. What's everybody's name for their pieces?
    I only name my bongs, I've had:

    Ben 2
    Little Red
    Bilbo Bongings
    Hugh Huffner
    The Green Lantern
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    el jorge el giante de mezclo y booty
  3. I named my Incredibowl Bruce Banner, the Incredibowl Hulk. And my oil rig is Robert Dabney Jr.
  4. My main piece is named "El Kabong"
  5. I named mine Ziggy and betty
  6. I named my Sherlock bubbler silent but deadly 
  7. Mine is "The Science Project". I'm also wondering if I should name the ash catcher I got for it?
  8. i have a spoon with a glow-in-the dark octopus on the shaft named Inker 
  9. I had a sherlock for a little while named Shirley. But i sold her to a friend. 
  10. I have never named a piece before,   buuuuttt I just got my first piece that is worth having a name.  I'm 36 though so naming stuff (other than a new born baby) meh...I feel like I'm too old for that.  Just wait till I get it so I can post pics and you'll see why this one is getting a name.
  11. I named my spoon 'El Jefe'.

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  12. lets see, not all these were mine but some of my friends and I have named pieces Mao ZeBong, Bong Scott, Bryan Bongson, Kim Bong Ill and last but not least Billy Bong Thorton
  13. I just call my bowl my boulder bowl, since i got it from the headshop on pearl street when i went to boulder, CO. My bong's name is "king Zong" since it's a zong. I don't really care about naming my pieces though for the most part though, it's not like a pet or a person or anything.

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