Anyone moved out of state with probation??

Discussion in 'General' started by DenserNug, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. I need to move to a diff state. I'm coming from mn and going to Colorado. I'm currently on probation in 3 counties in mn. If I skip out on this and start over in co, would I be getting fucked later in life or would they eventually drop it? It's alot more complex than this but right now this is my main concern. And the probation was set on all misdemeanors except one gross msd. Anyone have an answer?
  2. You should at least check with the court or your probation officer to see if they are cool with you moving.
  3. ...Just present some sort of job offer over there when you get one and have them transfer your case out of state.
  4. I just don't wanna tip them off that I plan on leaving state. I have a felony case open and and I guess it's illegal to move out of state if that's open. But it's gonna get thrown out I just need to go to one more court date. Which I plan on doing by driving back for it. There's just other factors that are more important for me to move, I'm trying to follow the rules but some of them I cant.
  5. Honestly bro just stay there until all your legal issues are resolved. It may save you a lot of headaches and/or incarceration. Judges and prosecutors don't like when people with open cases skip town.
  6. I know man id like to and that would work the best but unfortunately it has to happen for other reasons and it needs to happen soon. I don't wanna start an argument over the other issue tho.. U can pm me of you want.

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