anyone miss the sax man?

Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Jul 25, 2002.

  1. I miss the guy- It's been too long without the power of the almighty sax. I really got on with that guy... WHERE IS HE? I wonder... he said he had to leave the city for a while but I can't help wondering where he is...
  2. oh man he is gone!...he said he'd come back in the near future right?
  3. yeah... last email i got sounds like he's doing alot of good for himself, and was really happy about his career change/move, so let's just keep sendin good vibes his way i'm sure he can feel 'em!

    but cowboysaxman wherever you are i'm hoping your still happy as you were last i heard ya! and get your own freaking computer already, see we miss you! :D

  4. I hope he's doing fine. Maybe he'll be back soon!
  5. I miss him too!!! It's been far to long. I think i'll send him a little mental message to check back in lets hope it doesn't get lost in the mail.
  6. I miss the big guy. He's on the road doing construction.

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