Anyone make prints of their work?

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Havok Se7en, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Hey guys. I'm considering making prints of some of my pieces, by taking them somewhere to be scanned, and printing them at Costco or something, so I can hopefully make some cash by selling them at this monthly art festival.

    Anyone here have experience on how to sell them, or any ways to make your prints better? (like different types of printing processes, different types of paper, etc.)
  2. Sub! I've haven't done it, but I have been meaning to. I only things I've sold so far are paintings.
  3. I recently joined - based in Melbourne and San Francisco. They sell T-shirts, posters, prints and stickers. It costs nothing to post your work, but you have to do your own promotion. I posted my God of Drugs on there recently and now I have to figure out how to market it.

    Good luck
  4. there is a place in my city that makes prints for you. mind you they are not professional quality like a 1 to 1 translation, but they are also not sloppy. my 10x14 inch pieces cost a dollar for black and white copy and 2 dollars for a colour copy. i've currently only been hooking up friends and family with the extra pictures but I have sold some to some outside aquaintances. I usually charge 5 dollars or a five chunk and picture. so I make 3 dollars for every picture I draw, no career, but I'm in no rush to fortune and am only trying to make my portfolio of pictures as diverse as possible. I've got around 20+ full colour psychedelic cartoon pictures i've sketched up so it would be sweet to reach an even wider audience.

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