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Anyone made the same mistake I just did with weed brownies?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rastaziggy, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Me and a few mates made weed brownies and this was our first time trying them. We knew we had to wait a bit for the high to kick in from a weed brownie (not like a joint which hits you straigh away). So we ate one but like 30 mins later we got bored and ate another. Like 20 mins later we had 2 more still not feeling that high. The worst thing was I had work in like an hour and a half after my last brownie but cas i wasnt that high I wasnt too scatty about going to work. However, as I was walking to work it kicked in and I was walking through town with a big grin on my face. At work I turned into a potatoe everything I did took longer than it should have been. It was a hard experience. The question is have any of you guys made the mistake of eating too many weed brownies cas you dont realise the high kicks in later than normal?
  2. Edibles have never worked for me. :( I guess your experience sucked, but be glad they kicked in.
  3. ^ ya man be glad they worked. I made some a few days ago and they fucked up my friends but not me
  4. I've tried 4 or 5 times and nothing. Once was even medical. :(
  5. nah, when I eat too much I do it on purpose. :cool:
  6. like that one time I ate 10 edibles at

    I sat in my construction class baked out of my mind..zombie with bloodshot eyes

    somehow I managed to copy down the answers from the test and aced it haha
  7. My friend got me some and told me not to eat them all in one day. I did it anyways and I was messed up.
  8. I've gotten so high on edibles that I had no idea who I was and time felt like it was warping around me
  9. Ate a hash rice crispy , was only advised to eat half . Was fuuucked up
  10. The other day me and a friend each ate 1 brownie... waited 30 min and got nothing so we split one, started giggling uncontrollably and for some reason we then proceeded to each eat another brownie. I basically was just laughing forever it was like my first time smoking all over but even better. All day we were toking on my bub with small bowls too. Needless to say I was extremely high that entire day :smoke:
  11. Had six one time...I remember little of the night and next day.
  12. Only time I was REALLY affected by edibles was Grad Nite, my friends and I ate a Hubby Bar and a half each. Fuckin' Disneyland...

    Anyway! I agree, be happy they hit you and how was it working that way?
  13. Put three high-potency brownies in a blender with milk and ice cream, I was thoroughly satisfied with my actions. :D
  14. Haha wow. No, I've never made that mistake, wait... I have. But I was 15. Oh man, was that a mistake. I ended up freaking out and thinking I was going to die, and that's how my parents found out I was a pot head. Sucked...
    Anyone notice your slowness at work? lol
  15. Old thread but I made the mistake last night of making brownies from already vaped weed (cooked it in olive oil for an hour).  Ate about 4inx1in section and a couple hours later i was on a really bad trip, hallucinating, nauseous, freaking out, etc. Managed to fall asleep for a few hours and have been very stoned since.  going on 15 hours now.  at work, functioning but in slow motion.  will eat 1/4 of what i had and will get really ripped.  will see how much longer this high lasts, hah.
  16. yea lol. I remember I didn't get high off the first bownie I ate. It was only like a quarter of a brownie, so I thought that the next time I eat brownies I should eat more. So I ate two full brownies before school one day because we were watching a movie first period. But the high didn't kick in until the next period. I just remember the whole time I had this awkward smile on my face that I couldn't get rid of, and I had to hide my head because I kept laughing for no reason

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