Anyone looking to trade for Ben Wilson inline donut perc

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  1. yoo so I have a mint condition Ben Wilson 14" 16 Slit inline with a donut splash guard. This thing is truley a beauty. However, living in a dorm at school with such a fragile bong has made me nervous...too many close calls. I am looking to trade this tube (and maybe some bills) for a large scientific bubbler. Also, I really dig the syn shower head tubes if anyone has one of those. Pretty much open to anything so shoot me a pm


    ps. not sure if I allowed to post trades so if im not u can just take it down.
  2. If I wasn't already buying glass this week I would be all over this. I actually have a scientific bub i wanna sell and Im in MA$$ too. I dunno mang maybe some other time.
  3. I sent you a pm...
  4. i'll trade my MGW beaker if thats still up for trade im in MA too
  5. @mass glass shoot me a PM we can work something out what type of bubbler do you have?

    @NEStoner, is the MGW just a straight tube? im looking for something with lots of perculation
  6. I hate to be that guy, but that only has 11 slits, not 16..
  7. yea my b idk why i said 16 but its 11 slits...
  8. Its not like those 5 slits would have made a difference. I've hit a ben wilson inline before and they fucking purr. And to OP I have a custom scientific bub blown by steve beer, I'm pretty sure I posted a thread when I got it.
  9. also looking top sell it for 199 if that interests anyone
  10. i have a 6 arm 3 hole ben wilson bubbler ;)

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