Anyone living in portugal?

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    Hello all. Im half white/portuguese. Born and raised in the U.S. My dad was not in the picture much (he's the Portuguese side). So I would like to know what the cannabis culture is like in portugal from an actual person living there, I do plan on going someday. Thanks.

    Yes, I know what google is. Shutup plox
  2. I'm not Portuguese nor have I ever ben to Portugal but I do know that in Spain and other South-European countries, hash is much more prevalent than weed. It's because Morocco produces a lot of hash and South-Europe is very close to it.
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    Interesting, thanks for the input:)
  4. Isn't portugal the only country that legalized all drugs?

    I remember seeing it on a documentary once.
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    Yes. I read that it was working well
  6. Decriminalized like much of Europe I believe.
  7. hash is very common in Portugal, i'd say much more common than weed, unfortunately, at least from my point of view, of course there is good and bad quality hash. Currently i'm smoking a nice quality hash we here commonly call bolota that translates to acorn.

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