Anyone livin' in the 561?

Discussion in 'General' started by CannabisCarnage, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. I live in West Palm, area code 561. Just moved back after two years in Oregon. I need new friends!

    So who lives in 561?
  2. I don't, but welcome here. :wave:
  3. Well this is awkward because,
    I live in Earth, area code ???profit. Just moved back after two years in Jupiter. I need new aliens!

    So who lives in Earth?
  4. I live in Uranus. Sorry.
  5. does it smell bad?
  6. Not nearly as bad as my sheets after your mom came over. xD
  7. Well atleast where I'm at one west side, it's not too bad. Ya know the apartments have that shitty apartment musty smell but mines not too bad. I tell you what those glade plug-ins really do wonders! The ones with the fans ya know? But you have to consider Uranus is booming in industry so the air we breath isn't the best. It's kind of like Cleveland.
  8. You just said you lived in West Palm. Know what that makes you? A PHONY!

    Who lives in West Palm?


  9. Okay, Holden Caufield. xD
    I got pwned. I love you for it.
  10. nope but im gonna b der for spring break....
  11. I'm wishing I didn't but until I fucking get it together yes.

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