Anyone live in Union City?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ColdToker420, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Sup GC, I havent been posting here recently cuz everytime I getta chance to log on I head straight to the "You laugh you lose" thread. Lol. But I was wondering if anybody here lives or has lived or will be living in Union City, GA. Im moving there soon from the general College Park/Jonesboro area near the Union Mall(I think thats what its called :confused:) and I think I'll be going to Langston Hughes high. I just wanted to know some key things. Like: Is it extremely ghetto? (I've heard things from friends and I dont like ghetto). Is the weed good? (Possibly a contradiction to the first question but this is info I need to know. I hope there arent a lotta rip off dealers who dont understand the metric system and cant identify a gram.) Are there lots of job opportunities?(My mom whos the only reason Im moving in the first place says that there are lots there. I call BS because even though people havent been talkin about the recession recently, I still dont think we're fully out of it.) Yeah, so these are just a start, but if you have any information on this place I'd love to hear it. Happy toking:smoke:

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