Anyone Live in Illinois??

Discussion in 'General' started by th1zzzl0m1c, May 26, 2010.

  1. I'm moving from Arizona to Illinois soon, and i was wondering is it hard to find good bud in Illinois?? Thanks! :wave:
  2. you'll never take me alive, cop!
  3. lol anyone?
  4. Yep... but you'll have to find me :devious:
  5. unless your in a rural area it won't be too hard and as long as your near a big city if you do live in a rural area like alton or springfield or chicago peoria just get yourself a good hookup and u'll be just fine
  6. Yessir. What city are you moving to?

    And yeah, what everyone said, as long as you're not moving to farmland, you're fine. I mean, Chicago is the 3rd largest city in the US.

    EDIT: not implying that Chicago is the only city in Illinois.
  7. you can find weed pretty much anywhere in Illinois. Including southern Illinois, but stay away frm the scary racist redneck places.
  8. im in central il. what city you moving to?
  9. If your moving to northern illinois your set. I used to live in antioch and SE WI, and i would always get good bud from chi town/ suburbs.
  10. rockford always has some bomb ass dank around. :cool:
  11. theres always something increadible floating around my neck of the woods
  12. I wouldnt know. I have never participated in the purchase or ingestion of any type of Cannabis.:devious:
  13. YES! And those damn FIBs cannot drive, no matter what state they're in. I was stuck behing a fib today in FLorida after the cock sucker cut me off
  14. I'm like half an hour south in the suburbs of chi-town and bud here is ridiculous. No strain names, people are shady as fuck, and prices are just outrageous. Anyone in this area with a good connect hit me up please. I fuckin hate that I can't get real kill around here.. Gonna have to grow it myself.
  15. I used to live here.. Live in TN now. But I just drove up today for a visit.

    There is a cluster of good headshops on the Clark and Belmont intersection in Chicago. You'll find good people there too.

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