Anyone live in Arizona?

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  1. I went to Mill ave. last night after I smoked a few bowls, it was the strangest place I've ever been too.

    We pack 6 people into my friends tiny ass car, and once we get out, this weeeiird dude in a trenchcoat and a cowboy hat bumps into all of us when he was speed walking past.

    Then a couple seconds later, this crazy old bitch behind us starts yelling inaudible words. It just sounded like "FUCK AFRIG SDDDS FUCK" So we are like "Lets get the fuck away from this chick" so we speed up.

    She starts following us from across the street, but now she is actually yelling real words, and she goes "You bitches and bastards, you bitches and bastards will get whats coming to you! You didn't help me! You didn't help me, he stole my purse you bitches and bastards and you will get whats coming your way! I do fucking heroin!"

    So I guess that weird trenchcoat dude stole her purse, but got mad at us cause we didn't help her. If I knew he did I wouldve done something but fuck, haha. It wouldve helped if she asked for help like a normal person.

    Then we keep seeing like, old people with giant religious posters and shit preaching about the end days, and at one point this dude is screaming at one going "GOD CAN'T SAVE YOU, HYPOCRITE, WE'RE ALL GOING TO HELL."

    I'll never understand how there is a place where homeless people, hot college girls, hipster douches, bros, and religious fanatics all hang out.

    Its still pretty awesome there though.

    tldr; Mill Ave has crazy people and shit. Still cool.
  2. Why you surprised? A lot of weird ass people.
  3. Yeah, I've been to Mill Ave. several times. If you hit it up too late at night you get some strange characters... but I think that's true for most larger cities. Plus it's right by ASU's Tempe campus. Ever been to the Hippie Gypsy over there?
  4. Ya Ive seen some crazy shit on mill bro definitely late at night. Saw two mexicans beat the shit out of this black dude like 3 months ago on mill.
  5. Yep. Live in AZ. I was on mill on New Years. :bongin:
  6. Yeah! The Hippie Gypsy has some awesome pieces, I was about to get a giraffe shaped one haha.
  7. Mill Avenue definitely draws the crazies at night. I tend to stay away from that scene. The Vue which is nearby is also a weird combination of people looking to get drunk. I'd never seen anything like that before I came out here. Elevators packed with the same people surfing floor after floor in search of crashing a party that doesn't have really loud and shitty music playing...that's a fun Friday night? I guess it helps that you can literally walk around the back and get into the building without ID or a cover: underage consumption ftw.
  8. I hate Mill, I never go there because of those reasons, unless I'm specifically going for something at HG or cause my friends want to.

    Much rather stay in North PHX/Scottsdale
  9. Welcome to Arizona ;)

    That place can be hectic. It's Crack Ave. I live in Phoenix btw :bongin:
  10. Yeah! An Arizona thread.. Finally.. Haha. I just moved to Phoenix, how would you guys say the bud scene is down here?
  11. woot woot. representin AZ!

    Just moved here from Nor Cal a few months ago and... damn it's a weird scene. I can't find other smokers around! Maybe it's cause I'm all the way out in the sticks on the east side, but ... where the heads at?
  12. Yea Man there is weed everywhere in PHX and AZ , we got everything cuz were so close to the border. Stupid amounts of Meth is the city's big drug problem.
    Im Northern AZ and we get the killer from PHX so just meet some people.
  13. damn, AZ sounds like shit. cuz hot college girls are everywhere. so there is pretty much no reason to live there i guess. haha.

    on the other hand...

    North Carolina is where it's at.
  14. Cave creek hOodrat central!
  15. Who HASN'T been to Mill that lives here?

  16. thats why im never going to the Southwest
  17. Try 6th street in Austin if you ever get the chance.

  18. haha so true hipsters=douchebags
  19. daammmmm finally an az thread. its crazy im not hearin about the graffiti shop! that place is dope as fuck.

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