Anyone listen to Childish Gambino?

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  1. Was wondering any of you stoners listen to childish gambino. if not some of you might recognize him from the show community. i personally think he is pretty dope.. and if you do listen to him whats your fav song?:smoke:
  2. I like him but I've only heard one song
  3. Bump {:
    [ame=]Childish Gambino - Bonfire - YouTube[/ame]
  4. I like his song outside. Thats about it. The brorape video was so funny though.

    [ame=]Childish Gambino Brings Kendrick Lamar & Danny Brown At Coachella 2012 - - YouTube[/ame]
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    I think hes pretty good, I heard about him awhile back when his album "Camp" came out. The album was really good too but there were a couple songs it could have gone without, check it out if you haven't already though you might like it.

    Edit: forgot to answer the actual question, my favorite song by him is You see me off of Camp it goes hard.
  6. He's a funny ass dude, especially his "Derek Comedy" stuff, but he doesn't really say shit in his raps, he's just spittin out cookie cutter mainstream "i got so much money,cars,girls,I'm the best" bullshit...
  7. Only some he can get alittle too annoying with his weird voice it feels forced.
    -Fuck it All
    -So Fly

    Love those though.
  8. Man I fuckin hate this guy

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