Anyone know who this is?

Discussion in 'General' started by legalizebud89, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. Sorry I'm drunk but came across this link because one of my friends went to the show in NY.

    But anywho, the first song with the dope ass beast.....Can anyone tell me what song this is please? I'm trying to find it because I'm really lovin' that beast right about now.

    Heres the link-
  2. Edit: Kinda sounds like the beginning of a Cypress Hill song? I'm prolly' wrong, I'm way too drunk to be on the boards right now,....:D
  3. subnoize souljaz-follow the leader

    **edit** i was actually just listen to the music playing on my winamp gimme a sec now :p
  4. ok i think its by Felt- early morning tony.

    **fuck i gotta start paying attention. i found the 2nd song if anyof you guys had a question on it ><
  5. What song is that by Atmosphere near the end of the video. I can tell its Atmosphere but i dunno what song that is. Fuckin ill though.
  6. .......

    wish i never ran into this thread......i wanted to go bad as hell........woulda been my first show ever and i missed the best one of all time probably ........ you guys make me cry
  7. Sounds extremely similar to
    'Wu Tang Clan - Wu Tang Clan Aint Nutin Ta Fuck With'
  8. Thats because it is. :p

  9. Thaaaat's what it is....I knew the beats from somewhere but couldn't put my tongue on it. Don't listen to much Wu-tang either though...

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