Anyone know who makes this?

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  1. Hey, im new here and thought this might go in this section but who knows. i was wondering if anyone knew who makes this bong in the picture im going to post along with the thread. its a pretty gnarly piece and i assumed zong made it but can not find anything on it. Any help?

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  2. Its mass produced china glass that's blown in bulk for wholesale. Ive seen that same one on the china wholesale glass sites. Srry if this bursts your bubble.
  3. The coolest ones are always the most fragile. Or made in china (which makes it even more shitty)
  4. it may look cool, but its cheap glass.

    i think youd be happier going with a glass on glass bong rather than a grommet. just my .02
  5. Its cheap china glass, and even worse its a grommet. Glass on glass is definitely the way to go with bongs.
  6. that shits hella ugly hah

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