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Anyone know where to find some good dank in North Carolina???

Discussion in 'General' started by tayloredstoner, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. I live in rinky-dink winston salem & from what i've seen & smoked theres not really a variety of some reeeeeally potent bud. To be honest theres only 3 types. Reggie, Mid & "Loud". Now i've gotten some kush, i just smoked some bubblegum kush for 420 and that was pretty good. I just want to try more varieties. What cities should i go to for some high grade strains & maybe even some hash? I am willing to travel for my bud!! [​IMG]
  2. Ask for Dave, man.
  3. Dave in what city?
  4. lol wtf kind of question is this?

    good buds EVERYWHERE in NC. especially anywhere with a college

    just like...ask people. NC is full of stoners.

    Best weed is in charlotte, boone, and ashville, but you can get dank buds anywhere in the state.
  5. Sir lemme tell you....Winston Salem is DEAD. Idk if i'm not looking in the right places or what, but as far as i've looked i've only gotten good kush. I like a little more sativa dominate strains.

  6. its really hard to find sativa on the east coast. most of the bud comes from a few dudes in ashville from what i can tell.

    just keep networking, the pot is everywhere im tellin you. ive found really dank buds in the most backwater towns in nc.

    keep making friends until you find the growers.
  7. Kick ass bud is everywhere here. I've got family in Winston Salem and don't have a problem asking around and scoring.

    All NC:









    Prices are high here though ... but so is most of the east coast.
  8. true that prices are high

    grow it yourself is the best advice i can give. especially in small towns in NC. just start a garden in your backyard and put some plants in the middle

    cops here dont waste time looking for weed.
  9. I'll do just that! I imagine it'd be easier once i'm college lol.
  10. Thanks for the insight guys :) have you guys gotten any good hash around here?
  11. Yeah no doubt. In Florida I've come across only 3 or 4 sativa strains within the past 3 years
  12. it comes around charlotte a few times a year. its around a lot more often in the mountains. if you ever hear about it jump on it as soon as you can, price on hash goes up FAST after it comes into town. early buyers will usually pay $25 a gram and late buyers can end up paying $60!
  13. Never saw hash around here. So I make my own. :D
  14. I live 15 minutes from You... I get that dank. Had some sour desiel and sour apple on 420. Cant really tell you were to get it from though. I have only been able to get hash once. Its rare around here
  15. oh damn! I'm acutally gonna be going to college in Charlotte in august so I'll actually get to se for myself :)

  16. UNCC?

    youll like charlotte. perfect sized city
  17. I agree, Charlotte rocks, great city.

    As with ANY college campus, there will be plenty of bud (and other drugs) and it wont be hard to find.
  18. Queens University, I didn't get into charlotte :( But i do plan on transferring there :)
  19. My younger brother goes to CPCC (the Central Campus in Charlotte) and he doesn't have any problems ... I think Charlotte in general is just easy to get bud.

    I live in the outskirts, and I used to drive to Charlotte and get my bud. But now I've got something closer to home :D
  20. I'd pay for it? Name a price

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