anyone know where to find erik anders recyclers?

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  1. My lhs had a shipment once, but sold out real fast and I didn't have the funds at the time, now I really want one.  They seem to be some of the best functioning recyclers on the market.
    So if anyone has seen some for sale (can be new or used) please let me know.  I think I hit up everyone on nug that had one listed and nobody gets back to me.  Also checked out boro.

  2. Check out fb pages. They have pages for all kind of glass for sale used and new.

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  3. "Glass recyclers" search that fb page

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  4. This EA recycler is currently for sale on that fb page

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392007568.504754.jpg

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  5. having issues, when I search I just get companies that recycle glass
  6. can I get a link for that page?  I would buy this tonight if the price is right.
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    Ray Verling at Soul Shine Family Glass is making a recycler with a similar form factor... if that's what you're attracted to.

    He just started doing some collabs on them to. This was done with Bo Howe.

    Just throwing it out there.

    EDIT: If still available, this piece is going for $750.

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  8. Fuck that is some beautiful work.
  9. That is very pretty aesthetically I like it more than many of the EAs that I've seen but I would really need to see function vids before I pick up anything over the EA.  So many folks make recyclers, so many of them don't work all that well.  Some of the best recyclers I've seen function-wise (IMO) is the EA, Hamms, and basso.  It's weird, a lot of the recyclers I see look so similar to the EA in style but they just don't milk the same, maybe it's the volume of the chambers?  Like I watch vids of the earl jr, that has the same form factor and I don't think they are anywhere near as functional as the EA.
    If you know anywhere where there are some milk shot vids of Ray's recycler, I'd love to see it, cause that color he's got on that tube is right up my alley.  I'll google the soul shine family glass to see what I can find on the interwebs.
  10. Dude, i can get you some dope recyclers by chris riley..
  11. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  12. I've been talking to the dude for a bit now... but seriously defi is off the chain.. once they are actually put out there they are gonna be priced high as fuck. right now hardly anyone has these.
  13. I sent you a pm. Most of the groups are closed groups so I will have to personally invite you

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  14. That thing is pretty nice. Dunno about function never hit one... but never seen anything recycle as perfectly as these defi's. 600 for it
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    thanks, I will check em out and let you know.....maybe I get all 3...hahaha...and then sell my house and live on the street...
    And a big thank you to Dr Fumbles and Ghost Daddy Vapor as well.  Appreciate the help you guys.
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    Hahahahaha! Trust me I know the feeling! I didn't ask for a price on the swirly yellow one... and i believe there may be more... but who knows. If you're interested just email me! honestly, if not now, I highly recommend a future purchase of defi.


    much easier to communicate for me that way.
  17. Yeah man, I'll get at you for sure.  Might have to get one of those circ-turbines for a flower tube....cause I have to sell some stuff to pay for the dunny I bought.  My collection might get turned over this year if I'm lucky.
    OG sov pillar
    MS medium fab egg
    MS mini bub ti swing
    MS klein torus (most likely never sell this, awesome function with the laser cut perc)
    Crunk Dunny
    Toro froth to froth double micro slyme
    german roor lil sis (also prob never sell, my first glass-it's 14 yrs old) a few years, when I tell people "I got glass older than you" will actually be literal.  The money value I'd get is nowhere near the sentimental value of this to me.  A german roor is like a piece of scientific glass history.
    Hoping my Collection will be:
    MS klein
    Roor lil sis
    EA cycler (or maybe one of these other guys up above)
    ETR nano perc or double shrink perc recycler
    Crunk Dunny
    Maybe that circ-turbine tube cycler thing from defi
    Toro froth -froth unless I find another small piece flower piece I like
    So I need the EA, ETR, and maybe Defi and maybe sell the pillar, egg, mini bub.  Damn, may have to sell something else too.  The pillar pays for the dunny, a mini bub would pay for most of a EA (maybe all of it), but the egg isn't going to be enough for the other 2 and I'm leary of sinking more money into this habit.  As I'm sure that after AGE, I'll want more new stuff.  I HATE selling my crap ugh.
    That OG straight pillar-inv-4, I'll post a pic up later.  IMO, it's the most beautiful tube out there.  The peyote perc, the pillars, the raised stem, the logo.  Looks way better than those newer natty necks.
    And selling a fab egg....I must be crazy to consider it.  MS isn't making very many of these, my lhs has gotten 2 shipments in over the last 6 months and no eggs.  (plenty of mini bubs, some kleins, some torus, ball rig, but no eggs).
  18. I just got my hitman hammerhead side car from the post office. thing's pretty beast!! got the bellybutton adapter. I just saw you lurking on nuggetry too :p bahaha. Post up a link of the tube. Have you seen some of the worked Defi tubes with cirbines?
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    there's a way dope tube in the group on fb... but still waiting to hear back from him.
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    SSFG is pretty well-known line of glass. Ray's been in the game for a while and mentored a lot of glass blowers.

    They don't do much online stuff anymore, because he's concentrating more on their shop and custom orders. Check them on Facebook. I think Alison posted a function video of a clear one he did.

    I don't even see this rig listed in their website

    Most everything new, she posts on Facebook. They almost always get snapped up, that way.

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