Anyone know what type of deficiency this is?

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  1. Anyone know what type of deficiency this is? Its a Jack herer plant (auto flower).

  2. I originally thought it was phosphorous deficiency but it looks like light burn pictures as well. Any thoughts?
  3. It won't let me pull up your pics so I'm no help. My question is...what kind of water are you using in your plants? If it's filtered, stop. Use plain old tap water to water your plants after you adjust the pH. Nobody treats water with chlorine anymore. They've switched to using chloramine which doesn't evaporate nor is there enough in tap water to harm your plants. Most people who get really weird deficiencies use heavily filtered water. Since I can't see your pics, this is just a guess. Could be anything. TWW
  4. I wouldn't worry about specific elements that it may be running low on, just raise your nutrient concentration a little. It does look nutrient deficient. What nutrient are you currently using and at what concentration?
  5. Using distilled water. Our own tap water is very heavy. Ph to between 6.2 and 6.8 as advised by our local hydroponic store (this is a soil grow). I have been light on the nutrient as it is an auto flower and per advice of the seed company. I have been using 2ml per 2 litre of pure blend pro about once a week (every 2nd or third watering). I have step this up to 5ml per 2 litres and added cal mag the last water.
  6. I was wondering if it was lighting. It is in its 3rd week of flowering and I forgot to change the lighting over. I have it on a 18/6 cycle.
  7. Kinda looks like bugs. Look at the back sides of the affected leaves.

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  8. Some of the larger patches of damage looks like root damage. Have you ever let the soil dry out to the point that the plant has wilted?

    It does look low on nutes though. I have never used your chosen nutrient line so I have no clue about it's dosages.

    If you're using distilled water you should be using a calcium and magnesium supplement. This is usually present in good quantities in tap water. What's specifically wrong with your tap water? Because the pH is spot on. My tap water is 7 and it's perfectly fine. Is the hydro store who gave you the advice the same place you buy your distilled water?

    Didn't you say it was an auto? They flower automatically so you don't have to change the light cycle, the more light hours, the more growth
  9. No bugs. Nothing on underside.

    Its never fully dried out.

    We get the water from a water store. Used it on several other grows with no problem.

  10. According to my municipalities website (Metro Vancouver), we still have chlorine in our water. This is the second time today I read an assumption that chlorine isn't used anymore. That simply isn't the case.
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  11. Im a first time grower using auto purple seed my plant is on its second day off planting and its grown a little tri leaf how will istart making it go purple
  12. Pour grape kool-aid in the soil
  13. In the last couple of weeks it will purple. Lower temperature and nutrient concentration for a darker purple
  14. Pump the ac til its like 55 degrees F (10 C) at night, every night, for last few weeks of flower.

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