Anyone know what this is?

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    I found it while digging to finish a retaining wall. At first I thought it was just blacktop or something, and maybe it is, I've just never seen it like that before. Any thoughts? Theres still a bit of clay on it, I tried to clean it off, but I was not able to remove it all.

    Edit: It's a slideshow, so please press play at the top. Theres multiple pictures.Thanks :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  2. Joe Dirt says it's poo. I have no idea though. :D
  3. "Alright its a meteorite!, you're joe meteorite and im joe dirt wooooooooooo!"
  4. Looks like...

    Could be...

    Yup, you got aliens, buddy.

  5. Love the joe dirt quotes :D Great movie.

    Oh no, not the simpsons aliens! They are so fiendish lol

  6. Which is exactly why they left a little present for you to find.

    In all seriousness now, it looks like some stray blacktop to me. But, that's just from eyeballing it from a few pictures.
  7. Does it feel like asphalt? It looks from the pictures like it might be metallic, but I can't really tell.

    To me it looks like asphalt or molten rock/metal that was just dropped into water.
  8. Rare Lodranite Meteorite google that. the pic i got to come up looked like similarish lol
  9. meteorite.
    a cool one
  10. That so called "clay" you washed away is really the DNA of aliens. Good going bro.
  11. to me it looks like volcanic ash/glass/debris.

    i could almost bet money.
  12. I totally took that in the pervert way lol. nothing like washing off a little alien goo haha.

    please do let us know if you find out what it really is, rather curious
  13. While digging, I have dug up some asphalt, and none of it looks like this. Now, I'm not saying its not asphalt, cause I honestly have no idea, I just have not found any like it.

    Part of it really does seem to have once been molten. Its kinda prickly when touched.

    Even if it is just asphalt, it sure looks sweet :D
  14. looks like a chunk of slag to me. scrap from an iron yard or smelting plant. slag is the stuff that is leftover after extarcting the useable ore from a rock.
  15. prehistoric bud, smoke it, trust me :cool:

  16. I wonder how it wound up here then =/
  17. I do a bit of meteor hunting in the UK, Nates right, it's industrial slag. It can turn up in all kinds of places and has been used to precoat roads in some countries before the tarmac gets laid. Definitely not a meteorite unfortunately.

  18. Still looks hella cool though.
  19. Meteorite or slag, either way, you should make an ashtray out of it:cool:

    A quaint little conversation piece for whenever your homeboys are over, see your "outer space" ashtray and go "The Fuck!?!?!?"
  20. Looks like some kind of lava rock.

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