Anyone know what the height on this US is?

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    what size is this tube cuz im DYING for it but want one around 18"??
    my bad it only goes to the main page im talking about #22 it looks like a bubble beakered bottom
  2. That link goes to a page with multiple tubes on it.

  3. yeah i fucked up -____- anyways here it is i took a screen shot on bfg

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  4. EDIT: nvm... I don't know.
  5. Not sure man, hard to tell just by eying it. Seeing how small the bottom is makes me think it's on the smaller side, but IDK.
  6. ive seen the same style in shops and they were around 18 inches id say. US tubes are usually smaller since they are so thick and heavy

  7. 18" isn't very short lol!

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