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Anyone know what strain this is?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Doozyy, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. #1 Doozyy, Nov 20, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 20, 2011

    Just picked up an eighth and im not exactly sure. It's got a bit of purp on it, any ideas?

    Looks: Green and purple fluffy buds, lots of trichs
    Smells: really skunky
    Taste: Citrusy-taste,
    The high (sativa or indica): feels sort of like a hybrid.
  2. its weed. smoke it
  3. Cant tell just by look. Many factors contribute.
  4. It's grandaddy purps.
  5. Stop making theese threads people we arent going to be able to tell by looking at your bud because the marijuana genetic pool is so large and many factors can contribute to appearance
  6. There's no way we can find out we need to know
    The high (sativa or indica)
    Shape of bud etc etc
    Next time ask your dealer
  7. looks like its from the Cannabaceae family lol thats about all i can tell you from just a pic
  8. look its almost impossible to tell what strain it is even if i had the bud in my hand

    a botoanist couldnt even tell you what strain it is but you can tell some things about the plant by the bud heres what i can assume:

    your looking at what i think is a pretty good outdoor bud it was prob grown locally and harvested not tot long ago.1 I think it may have been grown out doors b/c of the stems(idk though i can barly see them). 2 the purple is prob from the cold which is why i think is was grown . Prob some were local
    I would also put money on it being a hybrid/mixed strain

    ----these of course are all huge assumptions im not an expert and I dont pretend too be one---
  9. to be honest man it looks like some granddaddy purple. But theere isnt a way to find out for good unless u ask ur dealer
  10. good looking buds, how they taste? and what kind of high you're getting?
  11. looks good, smoke it and enjoy it :)
  12. [quote name='"earthwindfire"']looks like its from the Cannabaceae family lol thats about all i can tell you from just a pic[/quote]

    Its genus is cannabis, its species is sativa. Now subspecies might be sativa again or indica followed by a strain. Complex stufg
  13. No way to tell dude, just looks like some generic hydro to me
  14. that is abracadabra. when you smoke it make sure you hold in for a few and then.... ***magic***

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