Anyone know what deficiency this is?

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  1. Hey guys, so I just started noticing this about 2 weeks ago, I have been watering when soil feels dry(about every 3 days) using a very light feed of Cal mag, big bloom and grow big. The run off is 6.4 and I don't know my EC/ppm. The temperature stays at about 25 degrees Celsius and humidity is low. The plant seems to be slowing down in growth even though I have moved the lights further up. The strain is purple kush by crop king seeds.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  2. Lighting type? Distance from plant? Photoperiod duration? How many weeks?
    6.4 is a bit high. What's soil pH?
    Test water pH before watering girls. Shoot for 6.0. Because at 6.5 n up you could have all the nutrients in the world but plant struggles to absorb and utilize em.
    Don't have big bloom npk off top of my head but unless your flowering stick to veg nutrition. High nitrogen. You won't need too much P or K until next phase. Looks like you are well into veg nearing flower, eh? The little girls have grown into young women, their nutritional needs are skyrocketing. Veg time is precious, foundation of good yield. You gotta maximize potential. When I read "light feedings" makes me lean toward that you have been giving a steady small dose of nutrition but your garden's demands are increasing with size of the girls. Bigger girl, bigger demand. You may have hit a ceiling with your current regiment.
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  3. So I can already see many wrong comments 6.4 is great 6.5 is ideal in soil up to a Max of 7 you would still be fine anything over 7 your cutting your own thoat hydro 5.5-6.5 5.8-6 ideal

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  4. Currently using 3 different LEDs( 2x 300w and a 90w booster) the lights are approximately 24 inches above the plant tops. They were started from seed in late may, and as far as big bloom its fox farms organic booster, it has bat guano, kelp meal, earth worm castings etc. It's actually recommend to use more of it than the nitrogen fert.
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  5. Nitrogen toxicity, you have feed them sick, back off the nutes give them some water for the next few weeks i would water extra to get plenty of runoff you probably have salt build ups in the soil.

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