anyone know what cigarettes are like?

Discussion in 'General' started by Arsenal Gear, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. what kind of a high does nicotine give you, i've heard it relaxes you n all that but is it a truly noticeable "chill" or just a total waste of time and health?
  2. cigs are gross dude but when ur high take a nice big puff and youll feel like you just shotgunned a couple beers and smoked another bowl =]
  3. what if you're not high?
  4. Honestly dont do cigs, they just shorten your life and dont even make you high. I dont hate cigs, but they dont really have a good side, i urge you just dont try them and save yourself the trouble. They are an expensive habit, with weed, it comes out to a fortune. All you cig smokers im not hatin but i really am not a fan of cigs.
  5. it will give u a head change a nice little head high for about 10-15mins but its honestly not worth it dude cigs are gross and really bad for you
  6. just try one man
    then you will know mabey?
    it problly wont kill you
  7. I think even most smokers would tell you not to start because it's nothing special
  8. first time with a cig is not fun you get really dizzy if you manage to smoke a whole will cough like a bitch... and might throw up like i did
    after that you will get a good buzz for like minute
    then they really wont do too much
    but cigarettes are very relaxing
    and when you are drunk and smoking a nice cig its the best feeling
  9. It just makes you feel light-headed, sometimes nauseous.
  10. They calm me down a bit when I'm stressed out. That and they make being high so much better. That doesn't mean I'm advocating them. Cigarettes are a money drain and they are hell on your lungs. Addiction sucks, man. My advice is just leave them alone.
  11. I only smoke cigs when I'm sober most of the time. When I'm high a lot of the time they trigger a bad feeling and I just crash the rest of my high from there having to lay down and feeling bad.
  12. for those who don't smoke regularly, smoking a cigarette gives a head high = light-headedness, buzzzzingggg.....
    but when you smoke regularly, smoking just relieves withdrawal symptoms. it acts on dopamine, which is the "reward" neurotransmitter in the brain. yep yep. don't start smoking, it's a waste of time. you have to get hooked to enjoy it fully.

    cigars are the way to go!
  13. i smoke and have to tell you dont start smokinG shit is hard to quit its nothing special it just burns a whole in your pocket. i know a girl i worked with thats 6een smokinG for ten years she said somtimes she'll wake up in the middle of the niGht and cant even 6reath. iv been tryinG to quit thinkin a6out getting that shot 6ut ive heard it's expensive 6ut in the long run it would pro6aly save me money.
  14. people smoke cigarretes not because they like smoking them, but because they dont like not smoking them
  15. I think this is the smartest thing I've heard all day.

  16. dont start at all man . iv been smokin only 5 years and most of the time its hard to breath and u cant really do nething athletic (maybe just me ) o yea and it takes about 20 or30 years off your life .
  17. Cigarettes are not straight!

    i threw up first time lol. 7 newports chainsmoked one after another was not a good idea.
  18. Don't smoke ciggs.
  19. If i could do it over again, I would never start smoking cigs. They are great after smoking a bowl or while drinking, but it really isn't worth it.
  20. The first pack or so is like the only time you get a nicotine buzz from one cig then it just keeps going up if you want the buzz but mostly you just feel relaxed and i like smoking stuff too so lol thats about it. I wouldn't start though and I know I'm going to quit someday just not yet.

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